Tue, 6 Nov 2007 11:45:03 +0000 : ur arse in Nice

Strange to be able to connect so quickly! Technology is excellent and
ever so

Regarding January, it will be possible to meet up in Nice and spend
some quality
time together between the 3rd and the 6th January for as many days as
you feel
able to stay. We can have nice walks on the beach, nice meals at home
and of
course cuddle kiss and explore many more of our desires in a different
environment. It will simply be nice to embrace you and sleep with your
body in
my arms for a whole night. Simply, easy and sensationally. Let me know
that's possible for you and I will go ahead and book my flight.

On the afternoon of the 16th we could meet at home and have a chat and
a tea if
you wish. We may be a little bit short of time to travel to Barbican,
between your meetings. However, it may be possible to walk accross to
soho and
get the toys for your enhanced session.

I believe that the toys will prove useful in you feeling the insertion
of a
foreigh matter inside you and hence ease the insertion of my hands
Of course we will take it very easy and not give your body any adverse
to anything. The toys can be very sensual if used in the right, gentle
sensational manner. I will be able to reach you deep even though my
hands will
only stir the toys inside you at that stage. The trempling motion of
the toys
can also offer you enormous sensation and allow you to desire more. In
manner, you will desire my hands inside you and the toys will pave the
way for
this to happen.

I am writting this and I am really getting very greedy to play with
your arse in
a slow and sensual manner. I am so keen to lay your body on the bed,
open your
legs slowly by touching them with the tips of my finger, push a pillow
underneath your waist and so push the arsehole out towards my face. The

rest is
magic. Touch and massage your arsehole will enable the cuntlips to go
rose and
beautifull in front of my own eyes. The soft touch will make you
thirsty full
of desire to feel my touch onto your butt and inside your inner lips. I
rim your arse for a long time Sebastian. I will lick you outside and
rim you
inside untill you are screaming full of desire. Your arse will be mine
to play
with and my tongue will grease you all along this game.

Fingers, tongue, palm and my nose will be in constant contact with your

while feeding you with poppers and taking some myself. The sensuality
of this
game is beyond comprehension. It will be great to dedicate a whole
session in
the future (perhaps one of our sessions in Nice) simply to expose your
arse to
me for a sensual, gentle, long play.

The fact that I am writting this and getting solid rock hard confirms
in my mind
that this session will happen soon and offer you the most exotic and
pleasure. Imagine your arse in the air, your body resting on a bed and
a pillow
and your eyes shut, only exit from this dream will be to take some more

and perhaps turn round and look at me, look at my eyes full of desire
for your
body and for your pleasure. I will continue to lick and rim your
arsehole and
dive further and inwards with my fingers, tongue and nose. No pressure,
pure and lasting pleasure. You will be screaming full of desire...

Soon my dalring soon

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