14.05.008 - 22:54:23

blith: enjoying every single second
blith: it has been too long
blith: but the time is here now for us
ant0nis: i canot wait to taste ur lips, ur upper and lower
lips, stretch ur hole nicely and gently until u give me ur
whole self
blith: finally we'll b one again
ant0nis: and will remain as one for the whole night; i
want to feel ur hand inside me again, slowly pushing ur
way into my inner desire
blith: my hand is so eager of yr inner
ant0nis: i canot wait to feel u, to push my tongue right
inside ur mouth and taste ur inner hole and ur mouth at
the same time
blith: im here only fort his, only for you
ant0nis: i know and i love it so much; i wish we could
play here, in the luxury of my home, with u in my bed, but
not possible this weekend; soon i hope to do this with u
blith: there will b plenty of times
ant0nis: i dream of u arriving with ur favourite linen, me
making the bed, then giving u a nice long bath, putting
my dressing gown over ur body and bringing u onto my
bed, as u are wet and dry u with my hands...
blith: it will happens this way one day
ant0nis: i am sure my love
ant0nis: so what are u doing tonight, i hope u rest and
save ur energy for friday night
blith: yep, have to wake up early, just waiting to feel bit
blith: i brought some good popper with me from italy for
ant0nis: excellent; i will collect our staff on friday
afternoon; i ordered c, mdma and k for around 150; that
should be enough to take us through a very sleazy
connection throughout the night
blith: sounds perfect
ant0nis: but even more perfect is our deep connection
which can only be enhanced with all the chems and be
stronger and more sleazy
blith: yep, its us, not the chems
ant0nis: i will also pick up some cream and we can mix
it in the room, this time we will not use criscko to avoid
any staining
blith: perfect
ant0nis: i will bring j lube and acqueous cream
blith: we'll b all set up
ant0nis: i so much look forward to feel ur musce inside
my love; have u played recently?
blith: no, its agesi dont play, apart with partner
blith: been too busy
ant0nis: darling, so we will have the most amazing
night together, opening u up in slow moton and looking
deep into ur inner desire
ant0nis: u will give me all ur trust and ur desire this
blith: yes, i can feel it already
ant0nis: i feel that i can almost jump in the car and
drive to u now!!! but will resist and make my passion for
u better and more strong; friday is only 2 days away
blith: and we'll be rested and ready
ant0nis: of course; must go to sleep now so speak
tomorrow sweet man; i will contact u as soon as i
manage to get a spare moment; a greek friend has
invite me for dinner tomorrow to see another one of our
friends who is here from cyprus, so i will be dining with
them at around 7.30 for a couple of hours then i will call
u or find u here again
blith: perfect, sleep well my love
ant0nis: night night, and save this in our web page x