Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:39:45 +0000 : Want to see you like a dog

I have been writing to you when I received your message and I attach my thoughts.
I will finish it tonight and send it to you as a complete composition later this evening.
Read the attached.
As ever

Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:39:45 +0300 : working like a dog

> my dearest
> i miss our communication so much working here till late and usually arriving in my hotel room nearly asleep.
>> But be assured i am looking forward to experiment again an hotel room with you in the most pleasent way.
>> in this waiting
>> love
> seb

Tue, 30 Oct 2007 23:45:45 +0300 : having fun with you

My dearest,
no fun for me here, i mainly have so many appointments and business to finalize.
altough this, and it's probably the influence of an hotel room since our night, after shower yesterday i was relaxing in bed before falling asleep and thinking of you.

i got hard then and i start playing my ass with closed eyes pretending it was you.
obviously the end of this is clearly predictable, and allowed me to enter a dream made of our forthcoming encounter.

all my love

Mon, 29 Oct 2007 14:31:04 +0000 : from U.K.

My gorgeous friend,
I am happy to know that you are safe and relaxed in the gulf.
I know that there are very many interesting things to do over there and so I hope you have a pleasant few days away.
I am also anxious to see you here in london when we can do even more interesting things such as express our kind feelings towards each other and reafirm our close and in depth connection.
I cannot wait for the moment that I see you again, kiss your lips and stick my tongue right up your mouth to reach the deepest of the spots where sensitivities hyde from the outer exposures.
I want to lick all your body, inch my inch, cell by cell, inside and outside.Your neck in particular while my hands are playing with your nipples. Undress you and expose your manly body and manhood. Feed you with desire for my body and share our passion for the rest few hours when we can just be full ourselves and express our deep desire for each other and our bodies.
My words will be whispers into your ears and the tips of my fingers will be softly dancing on your skin in the motion of a batterfly picking the nektar of the colourfull flowers in spring.
Your body will be itching and your arse will be twitching for more and more and more.
I will dedicate all this time to your pleasure and comfort, safety and passionately untill you come to open your soul and heart and body to me in full. The moment will come when your mind will reach the point of full acceptance of my hands inside you and will allow the body to absorb and pull inside my hand. The moment of true and complete connection when you will take me fully inside you and feel the passion and the ecstasy of this true in depth unity.
My darling Seb, I am looking so much forward to be with you again and play with your body and your mind for hours. You are mine and you are going to show me this very very very soon.
I kiss all your body and manhood and arse with my tongue and my fingers and my mind.
Bye and love

Mon, 29 Oct 2007 23:20:04 +0300 : from M.E.

> my dearest
> im just arrived, a quick shower and ill be in bed.> it would be really nice to go together at Barbican exhibition as discussed in our chat.

> I don't have access at recon from here, musli countries, we'll stay in touch by mail.
> have a nice sleep,
> love
> seb

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 15:25:58 +0100 : Hoorey! welcome back

Darling Seb,
I am very very happy to hear that you are coming back to my cuddle and fire of passion that will embrace our next session.
I am having a very busy day at the office and you are passing by my thoughts regularly, especially thinking how hot our encounter was yesterday afternoon.
I can imagine you with the loose tie behind the toilet door gagging for my hands and substituting them with yours to get the pleasure of the distant effect. Ican almost hear your whispering my name and your arse dripping of sleaze while anticipating for the hot load to ejaculate all over your palm and your fingers.
This will be much hotter and passionate when we resume our connection on the16th Nov. I will welcome you here in london with a very very very long kiss to taste your tongue and your skin and the back of your neck and your hot armpitsand those sexy manly buttocks of yours.Our session will be passion reborn and fires will be starting on each and every cell of your body and mine alike.So when do you actually arrive into London? 15th or 16th? I would like you to visit me at home, sometime between your meetings, so we can take coffee and have a quick chat before we resume later in the afternoon at your hotel. I will aim to work from home on that Friday, so I can see you as soon as possible.We will have the whole evening and night for us. There will be no need to put any time barriers as we both free on Saturday. I remember how hard it was to stop, pack up and say goodbye the other time.
My heart was bleeding and my arse was dripping...
See you my love

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:25:58 +0100 : counting the hours

my dearest
>> is with great joy i confirm you ill be in london again on Nov. 16 with a flight back on 17 late afteroon.
>> on 16 i have quite a busy day with a first appointment at 10am and last one at 4pm, meaning i shall be free around 6pm.
>> hotel is not yet confirmed, apparently i might end up somewhere else in same area, i will tell you as> soon as i know.
>> 16 night will be anyway ours.
>> i am counting the hour to embrace you again,
>> love
> seb

we are

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:26:13 +0100 : Kisses all over your body

That's my boy, my darling man, my gorgeous dream and reality, all at once.
My kisses on every inch of your body.
I love you

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:43:15+0100 : done it!

> my dearest
> i loved to share this wildest moment.
> i went to the toilet and tight off my tie, unnlock my pants and free my body.
>> i was already hard before entering the toilet, after reading you.
>> i played my asshole with fingers, and bruise the fist>all around edges, whispering your name and stroking my cock at the same time.
>> oh, the exctasy of it!
>> i blew a load with closed eyes, your name in my mounth, your hand in my ass.
>> for real, soon, my dearest.
>> love
> seb

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 15:11:47 +0100 : Done it!

My darling,
It was a rare occurance and I am very happy to be able to express myself so freely when I talk to you. I have been and concentrated completely on your image, my thought was with yourhand touching me and your arse opening wild in the process.
The result is obvious and it was only for you...
As ever

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 14:50:46 +0100: Now read and do it

Allow yourself to go wild over this! luck is with us!
Find the nearest toilet, take off your clothes and slowly massage your arse.
Imagine this to be my whole body, tonque, fingers, and fist touching you everywhere.
I am going to do the same.
I want you to allow yourself to do something for you.
For your own satisfaction.
For us.
We will cum together, just do it, I am going to join you in this virtual play.
Dont voice your happiness, dont cry out of your desire, simply have my name in your mouth and slowly whisper your desire for me. Just say ... costas fist me, costas in me, my costas fuck me now fuck and fist me.
Keep these words in your mouth, keep this dream in your mind and go NOW to thnearest toilet and play with your cock and arse for me.I am doing the same.We will be back and tell each other that we have done it.This is our very private moment.I am going to fist you now, I am going to the toilet...

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 14:39:16 +0100 : on my way to you

> my dearest
> it seems i need to come in london for business anyway.

> schedule at the moment is IN the 15th, OUT the 17th, which means we can have the all Friday night together at the Cumberland....
>> I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward!
>> I will confirm as soon as everthing is arranged, but is anyway sure at 90%.

>> love

> seb

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 12:24:44 +0100 : soon we'll be together

Darling Seb,
My hands are touching the keyboard and sending vibes through the wires to you and straight into your imagination.
We will soon be together again in action,in caring, considerate and fulfilling connection.
I am under no illusion that you are making a great big effort to maintain this close friendship active both in your mind but also in practise and for this I want to ensure you that I consider you as one very close to my heart.
The day will come and go, the connection will take a different form and thef uture will be paved in a varied form of a situation.
The maturity of feelingsand emotions comes with time and events.
We are putting effort into both these categories and so we ensure that we have something strong growing for thefuture.
The 15th Nov is good, though if at all possible, i'd rather move it to the 16thNov which is a Friday. Then we can meet when you arrive and take it easy throughout the afternoon and into the night as long as we can and still spend some time together in bed in the early hours of Saturday morning as we will have no work to conside on Saturday.
If this is not possible for any reason,please go ahead with your initial proposal.
The best area to stay is anything with postcode W1 or W2 which is close to me and also public transport to all airports.
Try the Marylebone or Paddington areas.
Usually the rates are best on-line.
Let me know how you get on.
My darling Seb, I am writing this and finding it realy difficult to concentrate.
We are making the effort to reunite which is great and also to ensure that we keep our relationship at a healthy and sane level which is magnificent.
The true connection between human beings is the optimum form of realism and we are both keen to offer love and affection to each other via our minds, souls,hearts and bodies.
I want you desperately.
I need to give you as much as your body is urging me for, I want to see you happy and fulfilled in all aspectsonce again.This is not just another session, it is our own special way of showing our emotions and fulfill our dreams for each other.
This is a further step in a long staircase to heaven for our souls to find comfort and joy.
We will meet again and we will see each other and leave each other happy for we will know deep in our hearts that the day will come again, soon, for yet another meeting of our sensual needy souls for each other.
See you my darling Seb.


Wed, 24 Oct 2007 09:29:49 +0100 : s o o n

> my dearest
> evertime i read you, your words fulfill my fantasies and increase my needs of you.
>> im planning to come in london on thursday the 15th of november staying one full night and come back on 16th afternoon, this will give us some good time together.
>> i understand your situation, im more than happy to arrange an hotel where we can spend the night together.
>> any suggestion on something convenient?
i will need something not too expansive and we can be sure you can reach my room without any problem.
please let me have>your opinion if you know some.
>> i have very full days in preparation of my forthcoming trip to middle east, but always always thinking about you.
>> love
> seb

Tue, 23 Oct 2007 13:02:34 +0100 : Share the moment

Darling Seb,
Your thoughts and feelings are human and natural and so they enable your body and mind to dance wild and free.
The moments that we share together enable you to be completely free of anything earthy and controlling, free from your encumberances and free from your social wants and musts.
Hence the thoughts of us being together send vibes through your spine and utterly frees your soul.
The thoughts in my mind associated with our connection bring warmth and caring feelings.
The same thoughts also bring sleaze and excitement, all beautifully connected and linked to the moments that we share.
The care for you, for your body and feelings are associated with all the motions and bonding that my mind and body desperately needs in closeness to you.
I want to reach your soul via the path that your body is paving for me.
This path is your thirst for excitement in relation to your ability to welcome me and my soul deep inside your sould and your body. The moments that you open your arse for me to massage and reach in depth are those moments that your soul is wild and open to my soul to touch.
The opening up of your body is largerly assisted by your ability to open your soul wide and waive any inhibitions andprotective barriers between us.
You trust me Sebastiane and so you are capable to reach stages of upper sensation in many angles.
The time will come when your inner body will need to feel my presence inside and this time will enhance our sessions even more and in true closeness of the soulsand the minds.
The moment will come when your comfort with me inside you will outweight your natural comfort without me.
The feeling of my hands inside you will become a completely natural and comfortable existence within you. I can imagine you on all fours, legs widely open in front of my eyes pushing your inner opening towards me and your muscle clearly dripping its own juices.
Your face turning towards me and your eyes sparkle full of sleaze and excitement for your needs to be transmitted to my mind and my body.
The process is slow and commences with gentle kissing and touching of your buttocks and inner and further, my hands rubbing all over your back and massaging your neckall the way round to touch your nipples underneath. The excitement rises further and your hole is twitching further and faster. You move your hands towards the back of your body and pull your buttocks apart to indicate your need, to spell it out to me that your urge is escalating further and faster. I gently collect your hands and move them to a position of comfort, open and awayf rom your torso.
I know all about your needs and it is clear in my mind how much you need me inside you, how much you need my fingers to play with your inner desire. No hurry is necessary, the longer the tease, the more the excitement rises and the better the connection is established.
I slowly touch your opening and gradually allow your self to familiarise again with my touch, my feel, my texture.
You are responding fast and I build on confidence based on the knowledge that you are fully in my hands, your mind dedicated to mine and our connection is escalating to very high levels.
The levels of your ability vary and slowly build up in strength. You can achievethis because you have mental strength to view situations and issues outside thebox, outside the typical, common stereotypical situation.Your ability will gradually enable you to open and welcome my whole hand insideyou. The moment will come when your arse is widely open and calling for all myends to tease you. I play with you by means of my well greased hands, I interchange them with the tips of my feed and in the process you are mowningfull of desire and anxiety for more and more and more.
The moment will come my darling Sebastiane when your needs will escalate so high, that you will welcome my feet inside you in a gentle, slow, punch motion. Always in full trust and with your safety never under any risk or compromise. The feet will enter you slowly and exit in the same speed, and the interchange of the left with theright foot will maintain the balance of desire within the whole of your inner body.
Trust me, you are capable for this and you will achieve it for sure.
I know that your body will reach this stage very soon.
These thoughts are soon to sparkle and gain life and become our joint moments.
In a world that we can live together and share only between us.I have no immediate plans between the 5th and 22nd november, so it will be very good to see you sometime during this period. There are many options and alsoc onsiderations as to the best place to meet. At home is very comfortable but Ihave relatives (uncle and untie) staying with me for a while before they leavef or athens and so it may not be very wise to play at mine. In Nice it is good,but I have no means of obtaining chems in europe, unless of course you cansource is.If you can source chems, then we can meet in Nice for a gorgeous relaxing weekend on the beach, in the comfort of my home there.
We can repeat this as often as we want and need to be together. I have driven from Nice to Milan before and it only takes 2.30 hours in the car.
Alternatively, we can meet in london and play in your hotel, it doesn't have to be the cumberland, anything will be good, after all, we are not after thel uxury of the hotel but the luxury of our connection.
My Sebastiane, relax and enjoy your days between now and our next session together.
Enjoy your work and your time with your partner and friends.
All these daily things make you a happy person and one that can enjoy better and deeper our own special friendship.
As always
your costas

Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:22:44 +0100 : in need of you

my dearest
>> you are constantly in my thoughts and i have a physical itching that urge me towards you.
i can really feel vibes all around my body, and in these moments my heart beats faster.
>> everytime i stop and take into account what my mind is dreaming by itself, almost detached from what my body is doing in my daily routine, i simply feel an increasing heat spreading around all my inner self.
>> i badly need to be with you the soonest, either in london or nice or at the top of the world, this latter is anyway where you will bring me hence we'll be together....
>> as told you im heading to middle east next sunday up to the 5th of november (...remember remember the 5th of november....) and then i shall be quite free up to the 22snd when i will leave again for south america.
>> any chance we can meet in between?
> wherevere you want, i just want to be with you.
>> love
> seb

Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:33:11 +0100

i love you too

Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:32:14 +0100 : You are my dream

My adorable friend and partner in deep sensual passion Sebastiane,
Your messages develope in all possible angles and the meanings becomedeeper andincreasingly very articulated. I am impressed and realy taken by yoursweet andtrue words.
Your dreams are vivid but even so accurate; the fact that there are stairs towalk up to my front door show that your imagination is so close to reality.
Of course we will embrace in true manly manner and shot fires from our tongueswhen they blend together and dance away the moment of our reunion.
It will be time before we remove a single garment because the sense of gettingtogether again will be best expressed in closeness of the souls best expressedwith cuddles and kissing.
The passion will escalate and your anxiety coupledwith my anticipation will lead to the most wonderfull encounter ever possible.
It will be even longer, more sensual, more deep lasting and we will reach aneven higher connection than previously.
My whole body will be shievering and my arse will be twitching in the sight ofyour beautifull eyes and hands and whole body.
I will give you my arse for aslong as you wish to lick the buttocks, finger the hole, rim the innermuscle.
Iwill make sure that you take a lot of poppers and so to enable you to use yourtongue deep and so to fulfill your increasingly extented sleaze.
The idea of your hard cock penetrating my inner self makes me feelingso sensualand jolly.
The ability to use your hand simultaneously and enclave the cockinside me with your fingers and ultimately your whole fist is ever so hot andhorny.
Absolute ecstasy all over the room. I will be screaming full of desirefor my Sebastiane and his ability to bring the best out of me; Sebastiane Iwill even cry when I feel so much inside me of you and the build up of such ahigh level of trust between us.
The way that you entered and stayed inside me for so long the other night andeven in stages reached deeper and more sensational spots remains in my mindconstantly.
I recall asking you to sit opposite me on the bed, with your bodyfacing me and so to allow your hands to enter me and travel slowly inside mereaching immense depth.
I recall how serene and easy those moments wereand howclose to each other we managed to be. You were tired but kept moving your handinside me to feed my sleaze and throw flames of ecstasy into my body.
Your beautifull and so desiarable inner muscle will also start twitching andfeeling needy and greedy for my hand to slowly work its way inside you. My hairy, firm, small and elegant hands will slide inside you so gently withoutallowing not even for one moment to compromise your comfort. As before, wewill do the same. Give you the best without any compromises or reservations.
The importance of all this is not the destination but the whole journey.
The journey of your heart to approach mine, the journey of your tongue all over mynaked flesh, the journey of my hands into your gorgeous ass. There is absolutely no need to stress your thoughts and imagination with the vision ofmy hands entering you in full. Simply bring the desire and let thingsdevelope.I will give you the most sensual and gentle massage ever. I will work my fingers all around in and out and always in a very very slow probing.
When the moment arrives, you will simply swallow my whole hand inside you and then there will be ecstasy in its most beautifull and optimum degree.
The moment thatyour body allows me to enter you fully will be the moment that you will show all yourtrust and all your desire coupled with sleaze and other associated feelings.The eyes on your face will close and the body will reach moments of complete awareness and shock.
You will turn towards me and whisper 'heaven'.
These feelings are second to none and once you share this experience with me, our connection will escalate into another level, much higher and away from small and human considerations.
I will calmly ask you to relax, not to stretch and send negative meanings to this sensual part of your body, your open inner muscle. Not to push me outside but simply allow me to exit as calmly and as slowly as I have entered you. The body will feel a deep sense of relief and that relief will be in your mind forever, since this first moment.
The importance of all this, of course, is to enable you to understand that the inner body can be fully controlled by way of stimulations of the mind. The idea will stay in your mind and then it will a matter of time when you can develop techniques to accept my hands inside you and to remain for longer and dive deeper.
I feel ever so previlaged to know that you desire my technique which comes complete with a clear mind, apassionate soul and a loving heart. All these put together will give you the most wonderfull and memorable first entry which will be repeated over and over again.
The moment that we have kissed each other the other day was the moment that we found a true soul friend and discovered a sincere and secure shoulder to touchin need for the years to come. My friend Sebastiane, allow your desires to travel freely in the air and allow your body to experience this deep and sensual experience of giving itself fully to me.
I will look after you and your feelings so carefully and you will not need to worry.
This friendshipis here to last.
It is here to bless both of us with unique moments of joy and wehave all the potential to achieve this joy together.
These days friends are more likely to become acquintances and closerelationships between people end up becoming a union driven by economic stability. Our friendship is pure and clear from all these and so we have every chance to maintain and strengthen it over the years to come.
The passion will transform into sensuality and the actions will prove our close friendship.
I leave you with my warm wishes and love in my heart while awaiting your thoughts and ultimately the day that we will reunite again.
I love you

Mon, 22 Oct 2007 09:00:09 +0100 : i had a dream last night

>I had a dream last night.

> I was coming to visit you, only for you.
> I arrived in London with the Paddington express and came directly to your place, expectation was at the highest and in my dream I could feel the excitement of walking in the street to reach you home.
> I almost run on stairs, although I don’t know in real if I have to climb stairs to come to you.
> When you opened the door I simply jumped in your arms, because this is what I feel to do the moment I will see you again.
> We start kissing and touching and undress each other, calmly but enraged by the passion that links us.
> I start working your ass with my tongue, gently opening it for further games.
> You were doggy style, and your ass was opening to me full of desire.
> My cock was hard and tense and after a while really needed to enter your inner back.
> I start fucking you, working as well the ass with my fingers.
> Slowly slowly your inner opened to me and continuosly pumping with my cock I was able to insert the all hand and close it around my cock, as if I was jerking inside of you.
> Than the cock is out and the hand remains in, testing the beauty of your inner flesh.
> Relax, embraced, laughing and kissing……

> The dream went on with you taking care of my hole as only you can do, and this went on for a while, step by step enlarging it and making my passion and eagerness for it so high.
> You finally got inside me in full, and we became one….
> I seat in front of you, my legs spreaded, your hand in full inside of me……
> I took you head in my hands and asked you to come out very slowly from my ass and at the same time get inside my eyes with your eyes during the process…..
> We became one complete entity, as it is meant to be……..
> I woke up in a state you can imagine, and with my pj wet of desire for you.

> Next Sunday I am leaving for Middle East, coming back on the 5th of November.
> I would like to organize myself to visit you at least for a night, after that.
> love
> seb

Sun, 21 Oct 2007 13:02:23 +0100 : sunday thoughts

My dear friend,
There is no need to be sorry or conserned about the length of your
messages or
even the timing of your correspondance;
The importance of this exchange of words, thoughts and feelings is to
be let
free to happen when the stimulation of the mind and the soul is
That is the time when you can write at your best and express yourself
the most.
I hope your weekend is joyfull though work prevails; no doubt you will
in your liaisons and you will return to Milan happy and proud of your
I had some people for dinner last night, the night went on and on;
Annabelle who
is French from Paris used to work for me a couple of years ago; she is
now in
london finishing her postgraduate qualification and they came along
with her
boyfriend, Mike who is American from California. An academic friend
from Poland
also attended and another friend Nikos, who is a Greek architect joined
us too.
My untie and uncle were here as well. Big crowd but very nicely blended
and all
had fun.
I went to bed well after midnight and I was thinking about your face
the other day and how passionately you were reassuring me that your
was constant and by doing so you were empowering me with the confidence
to work you slowly but steadily in one direction...ahead. That way
your arse was getting the most and your mind was stimulated all along;
I recall the moments that you were closing your eyes and holding my
hand while
the other hand was shooting waves of passion and power straight into
your inner
body to stimulate your desire. I recall the moments that you were
reassuring me
that there was no pain and only pleasure all around your arse and your
hole was
accomodating me in comfort; those moments will remain in my mind for
long and at
least untill our next session when I will carry even more memories,
sounds and
features in my mind again.
The moments of your passion were the moments of our true and deep
when you took my hand and slowly and gently positioned your self on it
enclaved my fingers with your inner muscle while sitting on it and I
was lying
on the floor was the moment that I realised how far reaching our
connection was
going to be. That moment I realised in true confidence that you were
to this lasting connection and it was building up to be a mean of
strength for
the time to come. You rode my hand and in confidence allowed me to
tease you
inside and push hard and steady; always in comfort and the waives came
and gone
in a constant dance of colours and shapes up your arse and ultimately
your mind
and soul. I was pushing and shooting waives of strength inside you and
you knew
exactly how important was for me to hear your voice and watch your eyes
confirming that you were in good shape of mind and comfort. In this
manner i
could continue and help you to advance your muscle strength further.
You were
ready for my entry and we reserved this point a little bit further.
Always in
my mind was your comfort and safety. I know how and when to push and
how and
when you will be ready for this.
When we played and I touched you, I knew that our very first session
was one of
consecutive encounters. The time I touched you and you looked at me in
confidence and comfort, I was full of joy and relaxed with you and your
desire. There was no need to advance beyond the point of your
desire. There are ways and ways to enter and slide inside you but the
one you
chose was the most favourable to me. Patiently, slowly and in building
confidence and trust. I was happy to take you as far you wanted and
prove the
trust was building strong. The anticipation was certain and the repeat
experience would certainly occur.
Awaiting anxiously to face you and kiss and embrance you in true
passion and
love again.
Take good care of yourself my Sebastiane and see me soon.
All my love and care

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 19:43:34 +0100 : minds&souls

my dearest

i am sorry but i had a terrible working day and have just the time of these few lines.
i will not be able to read you during week end as i am again abroad for business, but please be assured i feel the same about us and every words you wrote are already written in my mind and soul.

i constantly think of you.
your sebastiane

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 14:22:22 +0100 : Slowly connecting in depth

Darling Sebastien,
There is no doubt in my mind that you and I have established a very well balanced and a healthy connection which is evident in our daily thoughts and is leading to the exchange of the most poetic and warm messages.
Our words depict our feelings for our recent connection which is going to lead to many more sessions and rise to the utmost of levels above anything that aman can imagine.
Allow your heart to pump into your body in the rythm of your sensuality overwhat we have exchanged the other day, allow your mind to climb wild up into the higher of sensual and deepest thoughts, allow your body to shake full of sleazein the idea of what we have exchanged.
A thought will occasionally and swiftly pass through your mind and will make you shake of anticipation and at ease you will recollect your ideas and feelingsand allow your mind to draw a picture in full colours to show the exchange of enery between our bodies, between our minds, between our feelings.
We will soon re establish physical connection which is currently building up in our thoughts and our feelings.
The moment will come when we materialise oururge to touch each other and feel our face features, our skin, our inner desires.I will embrace you and allow my tongue to climb sensually into your mouth and in a manner that will connect your mouth to your manhood and your rear inner muscular configuration and pump desire into every inch of your body via your mind.
Your mind, this beautifull part of your body is geared up to wire your every cell and every organ to your feelings and so to achieve optimum sensual satisfaction every moment that you allow your self in trust and fully to behandled and treated during our sessions.
The news that you are keen to repeat our experience is simply a mirror image of my urge to feel your body again and dance with you in a manner that only our souls can do.
The sense of all this is accurately depicting our desires and will again rise together into this utmost sensual feeling of optimum pleasureto feed all your body mind and soul. The deepest I slide inside you with my sensual movement, the closer you get to this feeling.
This special encounter is not simply a sleazy thought which feeds the mind, instead is an empowerement ofthe body to address all sort of issues in our day to day routine.
During our sessions and afterwards during our daily routine and encounters with all sort of people socially and emotionally.You trust me in full and optimum desire and I will ensure that I dedicate my body and mind to shift all the energy that you need to accomodate the slow and sensual stretching process which is merely a stage towards optimum sensuality.
I know that the moment you turn your face to look at me, the moment that you show to me your expression is the moment that you completely are giving me access to your most complicated of codes; your desire.
I move with passion and I gradually exchange the energy that your body requires to convert the paininto pleassure, this energy is paramount to assist you into achievements beyond the usual, with goals that the mind can set and the body can aim for.
I am urging you to relax you mind and your body and to allow your imagination to climb wild and wellcome these moments of anticipation as a workout for the soulto prepare itself for our forthcoming encounter.
There is no need to rush and stretch your body and mind in aim to reach the same level of satisfaction that we have achieved together when you find yourself with other encounters that can possibly offer casual satisfaction but may prove to be damaging into your future and long term satisfaction. Your recent experience has empowered you and possibly enabled your imagination to go wild and anticipate the most sensual of encounters to be the normal.
Dont be deceived! A well balanced, deep connectionand mutual understanding is not a routine but a rare encounter. We have found this one and therefore you have been able to reach levels above expectation oranticipation. That is the sense of ecstasy in the mind and the body. If you play in the meantime please look after your soul and your body, dont allow anyone to push your limits; you are the one who can handle your encounter and you have done that recently when you have given me the whole of your existance; patiently you will achieve the same when we play again.
In the meantime relax and look after yourself.
I am very anxious to see you totouch you to embrace you to kiss you to lick you to slide inside you to take your whole body and mind and dance with you in a wild encounter that will be socalm for the mind and the body.
Soon my Sebastien, very very very soon.
As ever and for ever
your friend in sensitivity

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 10:00:22 +0100 : a further step

>> my dearest costas
>> to read you is like ti have you inside me.
everything you said on our night was already in my mind, everything you wrote me today is circulating in my all body reaching my soul through my heart.
>> i continuosly think of you, even when my mind is concentrated in business activities.
>> it is not just a physical desire, it is the> reassurance to have found a similar soul, someone i gave all myself to and he treated me as i was needed to.
>> our intense connection brought me to a state ive never been, melting the all essence of myself in yours, in one.
>> i desperately need to be in your arms again, soon. I need it pysichally, emotionally and mentally...the most strange feeling is i am not attracted to repeat what you did to my hole with anybody else, i am not looking for a similar experience with what here in> milano is on offer, altough the pleasure of it should> lead me to. i just want your hands inside me.
>> you have been the first to reach certain ground and to make me feel whet i felt, in this sense i am yours.
>> i will try to come back in london the soonest, even on> my own and not necessarely for business purposes.
>> i just want to feel again the exstasy only you can give me.
>> and i am looking forward to read you more.
>> your truly soulmate
> sebastien

Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:18:37 +0100 : Sundry - from yr friend in sensuality

My very dear friend Seb,
It is with great pleasure that I read your e-mail this morning and also had sight of your image which is absolutely devine in its meaning.
I also would very much like to maintain communication with you, either viae-mail, on-line and even over the telephone when the circumstances permit. I am very discreet and I know the importance of this over our own separate lives.
The time will go by and this communication will keep the passion live and active in our minds until our next reunion in deep sensual sensitive passionate action.
The image that you send to me depicts your desire in a gegree of surealism but I am sure that your mind and body desire the sensational activity over your physical and mental being to rise even higher than the picture, at levels of true passion and in full trust.
I know that you want and that you are able to achieve this.
The other night, we proved to each other how much our souls and bodies can rise over a sensual dance of hedonism. The moment I kissed you, I knew how much you would trust my ability to offer you hedonism in comfort. The task was great and the responsibility in my own mind was growing as much as the desire to offer you such a hedonism.
Then I touched you, I touched your skin, the vains of your manhood, your face,your features and eventually your buttocks and ultimately your inner self both physically and mentally.
I knew for sure that you were offering to me your whole existance in aim for hedonism.
I followed your signs and worked your arse in slow and comfortable movement, such as to make you feeling greedy and hungry inside.
The movement of your body and eyes proved to me that I was acting inthe right direction.
You opened your inner muscle for me in a way that I don't think has been opened before for any other pair of hands.
I am so gratefull for this to you.
The comfort of working inside you was evident. My desire was growing further.Your eyes showed desire and my hands became more steady and firm in their movements; we united in one body.
Your inside became part of my body via my most sensual part, my hands. I wanted to hide inside you and exchange energy. My strength gradually diminished and it was transfered into you, making you stronger and able to sustain the pain and pleasure as one mixed feeling.
The more of my energy you received the closer you came to me. My body melted and my probing slowed down to reach almost a stage of hybernation. That movement enabled you to relax further, desire more, and grab my hands with your innermuscle in such comfort that you have never experienced before.I am very keen to reach this point and beyond with you again. The moment that Iwill kiss you again will be the moment that your inner desires will pick at the summit of the mountain of hedonism. I write to you and dream of that moment whenI will again be in a position to take your arse and work my way inside youbecause this way I will fulfill your desire.
The moment I achieve the flow of hedonism all over your body I get closer and understand you better and deeper. The moment that you call for me to remain deep inside you, I realise how much the desire has build up within your mind and strengthens your ability to sustain the force in aim for pleasure.
This moment my own inner desire escalates, my body twitches and calls for yourentry.
I can sustain your play and your force inside me while my imagination is wild with your desire flowing from your face features, your eyes and your sounds.
When you are exchausted and still allow yourself to continue in aim to offer me further pleasure my desire becomes so hot in my own imagination.
You offered me optimum pleasure when you have maintained your position close to my body and in comfort slided inside me and continued going in and reaching further and deeper spots. You were able to describe the texture and even thefeeling inside me which brought complete ecstasy into my mind.
I wanted you so so so much and you were there for me.
Seb, I am going to have to stop writing now because I became very aroused and certainly I have to concentrate in my daily routine which is very demanding.
I will await your thoughts and desires in any form or shape you can express yourself better. There is no need to force words or thoughts between us, I know that these flow freely and escalate as the time goes by until our next time together. Just allow your imagination to climb wild into the air and feelcompletely uninhibited to tell me how you feel and what you want to experience.
All the thoughts, feelings, ideas, wishes and desires that you have are ever soimportant to me.
I am getting to know your soul and your body during this communication and encounters.
It is not a quick process, instead, it is a slowlong and sensual exchange of images, worlds and sounds of the soul.
Talk to me soon.
As ever,
Your friend in passion.

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:22:17 +0100 : communication problems?

apparently you haven't received my last mail where i was telling you how my feelings about our night were the same.
here's something to show it to you.....
pls confirm u get that, id love to exchange messages with you before next time we meet, as I know we will soon.

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 09:35:29 +0100 : Sundry - the dat after

My friend Sebastian,
How beautifull this day seems to be, even though I only had 3 hours
sleep last
I feel totally relaxed and ready to face another busy life at the
It has been just a gorgeous night at the cumberland; thank you very
much for
hosting in all possible ways. In your room in your soul and in your
I hope that you also feel relaxed and ready for your busy day today and
I wish
you a very safe journey back to Milano.
We took a journey together last night, one of those journeys without
or itinerary and instead we allowed our souls to stir the boat all
along. The
result was the most magnificent connection and the more adventurous of
experiences. Thank you for taking this trip with me.
I really hope that we keep in touch and even meet again one day,
Your friend