21:28:43 30.12.2008

From: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:01
hey my boy how are you? i really miss our very own, very special, slow long sensual encounters; ur hands deep inside me and my hands working ur inner desire to its optimum abilities and sleaze
To: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:04
my darling i miss it too!!!!
im in the middle of moving in new apartment, last step tomorrow....very happy:-)
From: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:10
very good to hear from u and am happy that ur ready to move 2 your new flat; this is the new big dream isnt it? the lucurious pad in fancy milan! hoorey myboy; so u will celebrate the new year in ur new home; friends round for a party then?
To: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:11
going to friends 4 dinner, moving tomorrow so it will be a mess for first days....im lookin forward to be again in yr arms
From: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:13
i cant wait to re-unite also with u, to hold u, to kiss u, to fuck u hard and fist u; and all along to feel ur cock and hands inside me my darling boy
To: ant0nis
30/Dec/08 21:15
feeling totally the same.
all the best for the beginning of year, until the next.