Wed, 24 Oct 2007 12:24:44 +0100 : soon we'll be together

Darling Seb,
My hands are touching the keyboard and sending vibes through the wires to you and straight into your imagination.
We will soon be together again in action,in caring, considerate and fulfilling connection.
I am under no illusion that you are making a great big effort to maintain this close friendship active both in your mind but also in practise and for this I want to ensure you that I consider you as one very close to my heart.
The day will come and go, the connection will take a different form and thef uture will be paved in a varied form of a situation.
The maturity of feelingsand emotions comes with time and events.
We are putting effort into both these categories and so we ensure that we have something strong growing for thefuture.
The 15th Nov is good, though if at all possible, i'd rather move it to the 16thNov which is a Friday. Then we can meet when you arrive and take it easy throughout the afternoon and into the night as long as we can and still spend some time together in bed in the early hours of Saturday morning as we will have no work to conside on Saturday.
If this is not possible for any reason,please go ahead with your initial proposal.
The best area to stay is anything with postcode W1 or W2 which is close to me and also public transport to all airports.
Try the Marylebone or Paddington areas.
Usually the rates are best on-line.
Let me know how you get on.
My darling Seb, I am writing this and finding it realy difficult to concentrate.
We are making the effort to reunite which is great and also to ensure that we keep our relationship at a healthy and sane level which is magnificent.
The true connection between human beings is the optimum form of realism and we are both keen to offer love and affection to each other via our minds, souls,hearts and bodies.
I want you desperately.
I need to give you as much as your body is urging me for, I want to see you happy and fulfilled in all aspectsonce again.This is not just another session, it is our own special way of showing our emotions and fulfill our dreams for each other.
This is a further step in a long staircase to heaven for our souls to find comfort and joy.
We will meet again and we will see each other and leave each other happy for we will know deep in our hearts that the day will come again, soon, for yet another meeting of our sensual needy souls for each other.
See you my darling Seb.

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