Mon, 29 Oct 2007 14:31:04 +0000 : from U.K.

My gorgeous friend,
I am happy to know that you are safe and relaxed in the gulf.
I know that there are very many interesting things to do over there and so I hope you have a pleasant few days away.
I am also anxious to see you here in london when we can do even more interesting things such as express our kind feelings towards each other and reafirm our close and in depth connection.
I cannot wait for the moment that I see you again, kiss your lips and stick my tongue right up your mouth to reach the deepest of the spots where sensitivities hyde from the outer exposures.
I want to lick all your body, inch my inch, cell by cell, inside and outside.Your neck in particular while my hands are playing with your nipples. Undress you and expose your manly body and manhood. Feed you with desire for my body and share our passion for the rest few hours when we can just be full ourselves and express our deep desire for each other and our bodies.
My words will be whispers into your ears and the tips of my fingers will be softly dancing on your skin in the motion of a batterfly picking the nektar of the colourfull flowers in spring.
Your body will be itching and your arse will be twitching for more and more and more.
I will dedicate all this time to your pleasure and comfort, safety and passionately untill you come to open your soul and heart and body to me in full. The moment will come when your mind will reach the point of full acceptance of my hands inside you and will allow the body to absorb and pull inside my hand. The moment of true and complete connection when you will take me fully inside you and feel the passion and the ecstasy of this true in depth unity.
My darling Seb, I am looking so much forward to be with you again and play with your body and your mind for hours. You are mine and you are going to show me this very very very soon.
I kiss all your body and manhood and arse with my tongue and my fingers and my mind.
Bye and love

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