Fri, 12 Oct 2007 09:35:29 +0100 : Sundry - the dat after

My friend Sebastian,
How beautifull this day seems to be, even though I only had 3 hours
sleep last
I feel totally relaxed and ready to face another busy life at the
It has been just a gorgeous night at the cumberland; thank you very
much for
hosting in all possible ways. In your room in your soul and in your
I hope that you also feel relaxed and ready for your busy day today and
I wish
you a very safe journey back to Milano.
We took a journey together last night, one of those journeys without
or itinerary and instead we allowed our souls to stir the boat all
along. The
result was the most magnificent connection and the more adventurous of
experiences. Thank you for taking this trip with me.
I really hope that we keep in touch and even meet again one day,
Your friend

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