Thu, 25 Oct 2007 15:25:58 +0100 : Hoorey! welcome back

Darling Seb,
I am very very happy to hear that you are coming back to my cuddle and fire of passion that will embrace our next session.
I am having a very busy day at the office and you are passing by my thoughts regularly, especially thinking how hot our encounter was yesterday afternoon.
I can imagine you with the loose tie behind the toilet door gagging for my hands and substituting them with yours to get the pleasure of the distant effect. Ican almost hear your whispering my name and your arse dripping of sleaze while anticipating for the hot load to ejaculate all over your palm and your fingers.
This will be much hotter and passionate when we resume our connection on the16th Nov. I will welcome you here in london with a very very very long kiss to taste your tongue and your skin and the back of your neck and your hot armpitsand those sexy manly buttocks of yours.Our session will be passion reborn and fires will be starting on each and every cell of your body and mine alike.So when do you actually arrive into London? 15th or 16th? I would like you to visit me at home, sometime between your meetings, so we can take coffee and have a quick chat before we resume later in the afternoon at your hotel. I will aim to work from home on that Friday, so I can see you as soon as possible.We will have the whole evening and night for us. There will be no need to put any time barriers as we both free on Saturday. I remember how hard it was to stop, pack up and say goodbye the other time.
My heart was bleeding and my arse was dripping...
See you my love

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