Thu, 15 Nov 2007 12:08:08 +0000 : Naked - Celophane

I can see your body and your soul both naked in front of my naked eyes.

indeed my darling, tomorrow will be the day of our reunion. Our
complete and
utter inhibition and closeness will result in the most comfortable,
passionate, sexy, sleazy, loving, long lasting encounter.

I love your soul, I adore your body and I complete am at ease with your

See you tomorrow, I will be waiting for you.

Enjoy a safe flight, a relaxing evening at your hotel and a restfull
tonight. I will speak with you at some point later this evening though
I have a
company function this evening and will not be free much before very

I am awaiting for you with a warm, open cuddle, a hard cock to
penetrate your
hole and a soft and easy hand to reach deep inside your hole and your
desire. I want to feel it deep and for long and watch your eyes melt
full of
desire for me.

Love you



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