Wed, 14 Nov 2007 09:09:43 +0000 : Together

My darling Seb,

Hope you are feeling at ease with your hand and the coffee has not
caused you
much discomfort.

If you use proper bandage and cream over the area, the marks will go
away very
soon, you may even be able to use your hand on me on Friday. You will
need it to embrace me and hold my body close to yours during our breaks
fucking or fisting.

I think we only need to get a couple of toys, a plug and a dildo to use
the night. I will keep the toys safe for our forthcoming many sessions.

It will
be a good investment for our playfull time together on Friday and in
the future.
I will collect the chems tomorrow evening and ask for some V or other
product to keep us hard, though not the most important part of our
Hearts hands and arseholes are going to bring us closer to each other

For now I have a long and busy day ahead, a works meal tomorrow night
and then I
will be working from home on Friday morning while waiting for your

I am ready, relaxed, sleazy and loving for our play. Your body is in my
always and your presence as such in my life constantly. I read your
message on the website last night and I felt so so so close to you. I
am also
yours my darling and I am also keen to give you long and continous
over all the hours that we will have together.

What is your hotel by the way and your mobile telephone number?

See you Friday. Unbelievable but true. We are soon in each other's arms
embracing, kissing, and loving each other's features and body and mind.

Love as always



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