Wed, 14 Nov 2007 14:39:52 +0000 : I want you ...

My adorable angel, my beautifull man, my gorgeous soul, my sexy body

You are coming and you are going to be mine in body once again as you
have been
in mind all these days.

Our correspondance has kept this flame alive and our reconnection will
fuel it
for the days to come untill our next reunion.

I love you very very very much, in a passionate, productive, discreet
and sane
way. I love to protect our relationship, to defend your right to
passion and maintain your soul and mind at ease each time that you need
or so
it happens to communicate with me.

Years will go by my darling and you will be close to my heart and my
soul. The
physical needs are best fulfilled with a person with whom you can open
completely and feel at ease both mentally and physically.

Open your heart as widely as you can and raise your body above the
comfort of
its natural support to fly with me away. Our reunion will be a trip
into the
future where we will both relax to be together in a space free from
sight or
words. No-one will see or talk to us. Our space will be isolated and
locked into our hearts aiming to bring us very very very close and
unite as one person eventually.

Allow me to hold your body, your internal desire will flourish. Allow
me to
massage your chest, suck your cock, rim your arsehole, your passion
will enable
you to suck on every inch of my body and in the process, sit on my
hands, feel
my fingers twitching your arse hole, preparing you for the final entry
will be the start of our re formed connection. You will feel me deep
inside you
my darling and you will be able to lock my whole hand inside your arse.

I am going to give you the most sensual kiss on the whole of your body,

from your inner mouth and finishing into the depth of your arsehole.
Kiss you
deep, sensually, for long, lighting the flame of your passion. Your
arse will
want to home my hands, as the nest homes the flying birds, your hole
will feel
big, as the earth accomodated its flowing waters, you will open up and
to feel bigger all the time. Your arsehole will stretch in your
imagination and
your mind will start thinking big, bigger, large, open wide. You will
want me
inside and you will be calling me to enter you fully and in depth. I
will give
you this full pleasure and allow you to rest and relax over it, untill
you call for my hand to work its way inside you in depth and width.

I want to fuck you Sebastian, I want to fist you Sebastian, I want you
to be
mine in body and soul, I want you to feel mine, to feel you belong to
completely. Hungry, sensual, sleazy spirit all over our room of

Come soon, safe, relaxed, passionate for me and for you.

your lover

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