Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:39:45 +0000 : Want to see you like a dog attachment

My homo,
How are you today? I am working away compiling reports and preparing for meetings and your beautiful features are accompanying me all the time.
I am thinking how calm and quiet this exchange of feelings has been and how passionate the words and the pictures have been generated in our minds all along this trip.
Part of me is writing in calm and peaceful environment and calling you to maintain the spirit of connection active and live during these days.
Part of me is inviting you to be wild and passionate and hungry for last and hedonistic wants while recalling our activities during the night of passion at the Cumberland.
These two states of mind can easily be accommodated in your thoughts and therefore the relationship between your feelings and your mind remains healthy and stable.
I want to make you excited and have wild dreams and thoughts and I want to make you also comfortable in your routine while transmitting my intention and strong commitment for your happiness during this and future times together.
It is very exciting to know that after a long and tedious but successful day at your work routine, the day finishes with your return back to the comfort of your hotel room to rest, relax, and connect with me. This virtual connection my darling is strong and empowering for your life activities, your achievements and your emotions.
I can see you finishing a long day and rushing back to your room, to be alone, to recollect your thoughts and your feelings and to regain your composure. Your manly beautiful body exposed to the surrounding mirrors is looking beautiful and hedonism is pumping out of each and every cell of you.
You remove your clothes and with a motion almost static and pompous you expose your naked body to the surrounding environment of the room. By now your pores are all open and so your skin is looking absolutely gorgeous. The thought of me watching you from very close proximity enhances your hedonism and you become more active and sexy in your mind.
Slow motions are accompanying your movements and while putting your clothes away, your body is moving in various angles and all your endings are dancing in a beautiful composure. You bend and your arsehole is exposed to the outside environment of the room and the slight variance in the temperature passes softly in between your buttocks and kisses your hole. Bright pink your holes welcomes the soft touch of the air and pushes out and inviting.
You turn round to place the trousers away and your manhood touches your legs and bounces back proudly. Automatic signals are sending blood in all the arteries and veins of the cock and push it out proud, wild and looking so sexy in the overall composition.
You need to move slowly and prepare your bath for a slow gentle relaxing experience between your aroused body and this refreshing source of life, water. Moments pass and your body slowly touches and feels the refreshing power of the water all over your skin, inside your buttocks and around your cock.
By this time your nipples are enlarged, pointing outwards and proudly exposing your inner feelings and needs.
This moment you are desperate for my voice to whisper noises of love and care, voices of comfort and relaxation, noises of excitement and last. You want your mind and your body and your soul to touch me and bring me closer and in contact with your body. You want me to care and cater for all your needs as a guardian of your soul and hedonism for your body.
You are touching softly your skin and moving your body closer to the water and feeling mine, completely dedicated to my offer for pleasure which in turn comes back to you and sends signs of hedonism straight into your brain.
Your body is completely mine now and your mind cannot deviate from this possibility, this opportunity that you have to dedicate your utter needs and wishes to my ability to ensure that you get the best protection for your feelings and for your needs.
This way is safe my darling and will ensure continuation of your lifestyle outside your passion for alternative sexual and emotional encounters. You have made a decision Sebastian that your alternative needs can only be warranted and guaranteed by way of my intuition and actions.
Your mind is safe, your body is safe, and your actions are under no risk of interference with anything else that life has gifted you with. Two ways of life can be accommodated easily in this way and you don’t take any risks to loose everything and risk damaging your emotional and physical words.
Your body feels the urge for the alternative actions and automatically switches into the Costa’s motion. You strangely but surely turn round and look for my presence in your life. This presence is guaranteed, it is strong, and it is a commitment for years to come.
You can feel assured that your life is now covered by the strongest means of protection and you can live happy out there knowing that you have dedicated your alternative lifestyle to your newly found guardian. Your Costas is always there for you when you need him.
You can find him in your virtual word while engaging into your daily activities and you can find him in physical presence when your needs are so high that the virtual word requires to be supplemented with reality. You will learn to be patient and supplement your virtual gift of connecting with me with other activities while your mind is fed with the knowledge that the actual connection is inevitable and will follow the virtual needs.
With these thoughts in mind, your body can escape and go wild in the bath and encounter the most hedonistic experience ever. You can give me full control of your mind and your body and you can therefore allow me to take you in my hands and slowly escalate you into spaces unknown to man beyond the earthy knowledge and comprehension.
Moving between virtual word and actual encounters you can imagine your body under the flow of water while I am giving you a gentle clearance massage using my hands and the tips of my finger are inviting the power of water to enhance the moments.
I touch your mouth and your eyes and you want to reach towards me and show me how excited you are in my hands. You move your fingers to reach onto my face and you can feel me, you can touch me and you can receive in return the most sensual of massages while in the water. I turn my hands all around your body and I touch you inside your arsehole, under your armpits, below the sacks of your balls and softly round your nipples which are gagging for acknowledgment.
Your body is now wild and needy for my presence all around the clock for the following hours of this encounter with your man. You are anxious and only my relaxed motion and words of comfort can control you to remain silent and await my special treatment over this encounter.
Your mouth opens and whispers my name and your eyes shoot lightning all across the room. You are now completely mine. You simply have given your whole body, mind, feelings to me. You are sure my Sebastian that no one can cater for your needs better or safer.
You turn round and expose your bubble butt to the air just above the level of the water in the bath and you open it with casual pumping motions so your lips are coming out of the water and then sucking back in again taking the flow of the volume of water in the bath. You can do this because you are with me. You can become a child or an adult, a teenager or an elderly person with all feelings associated to each age group at once. You are now with your own protector, the one who cares and looks after your needs. The one that you have chosen to take you through the most critical path of your life and reach with him over and across the bridge of life into eternity.
I touch the lips of your arse slowly and you are staying still. You have no inhibitions and you allow this play to continue. You invite this play to expand and last. I take water in my hands and soap in my palm and slowly massage your arsehole in steady circular motion while my other hand is on your chest, holding you slightly above the water and offering you stability and protection this moment of complete dedication to your comfort.
Your arsehole is gentle and kind to my touch and showing all your needs at once while it is allowing me to wash it while offering you massage in this very sensual part of the body.
Your cock has now relaxed and soft as it is, it touches the water below your body waiting for its turn to be pampered and looked after. I move slowly my hands from your mancunt and slowly push below while my fingers are entering the skin of your manhood. Soft as it is, it allows my fingers to find themselves between the skin and your man member and I massage it slowly and in comfort. The motion requires your complete relaxation and slowly the cock hardens and the pressure of my fingers inside the shaft increases and increases further.
You are now anxious to move your body towards me, to shake the water off your pores and feel my body all over yours. I try kindly and gently to maintain the relaxed motion in your thoughts and feelings and so to prolong this beautiful moments between your body that is floating in the water and my gentle touch which moves across from your head to your toes and reaffirms my commitment to your happiness, your comfort and your alternative experience in trust, safe and most importantly, discretion.
You are completely mine, you belong to me and my good intentions, you are not going back to any anxieties, risky encounters or unsavoury individuals who could but luckily have not damaged your beautiful soul and your existence in life while maintaining two words.
With me, you only have one word, one existence and one life target. To be happy, to be yourself and to seek alternative pleasure only where it is safe, guaranteed to happen discreetly and to offer you hedonism beyond any imagination of the human brain.
Follow my movement and accept the feelings of excitement while my fingers are soft on your skin and my heart close to yours these moments Sebastian. Slowly lift your body out of the water and let me cover you in the towel and dry the water off your skin and mind. Dry now, I will apply soft skin cream all over your body and massage all your muscles from your upper chest down to the feet while dropping the task every now and then to touch your manhood and your nipples.
The game is enlightening for you and since you have accepted this experience to be the best form of feed for your needs and expectations, you can feel completely fulfilled and growing love to be pushing all over from your body and dancing in the room above your body and touching my heart gently and softly.
You want to kiss me and the time has come to shift your mouth and attach your tongue into my lips and into my skin, around my face and into my ears while you are whispering my name and the words of excitement that you have been longing to express. You cannot stay away from me and you want to bring all your body close to mine and your lips all over my skin and my desire.
You turn me around and you force your tongue deep inside my arsehole which is now all open in anticipation and inviting you to experience this beautiful part of my anatomy which is longing for your touch.
You close your eyes and take my hands. You hold both hands together and you kiss the tips of my fingers and you put them aside, away from my body while you position yourself behind me and your face straight into the opening between my buttocks. You start licking my buttocks and your fingers massage the area around my arsehole. You occasionally lick your fingers and allow the skin to become wet and mildly you are pushing your finger inside me.
Once the body feels the warmth of your gentle feel, the lips push out and the arse is now open wide for you to reach deeper with your tongue and your fingers. You continue for long to play with your fingers, your tongue and your imagination is escalating wild as to what is further in, how much you can reach without moving too fast or being too intrusive at this stage.
This stage the arse is willing and you know that. Your manhood is enlarged and you move quietly aside and take a condom from the table to cover your hard manhood and prepare it for the most sensual of its trips so far. You ask me gently to move to the side of the bed and to lift my arse in a position of target for your hard member to penetrate me swiftly and comfortably.
You position your self closer to my body and with a gentle but steady move you push deep inside me and you express all the accumulation of passion and hedonism that has been compiling all this time in your mind and your imagination. My arse is wet and inviting and my mind is wild wanting to be fucked by you. I am keen on this pumping of your manhood inside me and my own juices are now pouring outwards and make your cock to slide inside me with more comfort. The pleasure is escalating and your mind is now wild. You want to show how much you need me and how close you feel to my own existence. You like to fuck my arse and you can take this experience at a different level. A higher level of concentration above your own mind and mine alike. My arse is now well open and inviting you to continue. Your cock is harder and wild is finding its way deeper and in circular motions it feels the boundaries of my arse. You are a real man Sebastian and so you like to outer this wild of all emotions, this animal like experience of pumping your manhood inside a muscled hollow cavity.
Nothing is better than your man's arse to force your manhood inside. How warm and inviting this experience can be. My arse wants you inside and your cock is really enjoying fucking deep, slow and fast and rough at the same time. The motion continues and your manhood is now ravaging my arse. You fuck me Sebastian, you fuck me my boy, you fuck me my man to remove all inhibitions and go wild with your wishes. Push deep and rough and hold my body close to yours while your cock is dancing inside me. Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me again and again and again.
The motion is escalating and you reach the speed of passion. Your body is shaking and your cock is diving in and inwards it goes. The moments of connection are now many and your body cannot get any closer to mine, or can it?
You continue to penetrate my body and your cock is hard and enjoying to push inside me like an animal has found its mate, like a wild animal you push my hole closer to your body and you ask me not to move. You want to have full control of the movement inside me and you are now holding your cock and inserting it inside me and pulling it outside and your re insert it inside me in faster and deeper motion. You have exhausted my inside and your cock is still hard, long and thick willing to continue to dance inside my body and wild to penetrate this hole of mine which is by now completely yours.
You gently withdraw and remove the condom off your cock. You touch me softly and you let your sweat drop on to my chest and my whole body is shivering at the sight of your aroused nipples and your wanting face.
You let me take your cock and gently follow me into the bathroom where we submerge your cock in water and we wash it tenderly with soap and water.
We return back and I pull your body towards me and we lye in the bed where I kiss you all over and I take your cock deep in my mouth. I suck your cock Sebastian and you know how beautiful the feelings are between us. You know how closer to you I have been during these last few minutes when your cock was fucking my whole existence and while your manhood was ravaging my body.
The gentle massage between your legs and between your chicks wakes up your libido again and your arse chicks are pulling away from each other to expose your inner skin and your inner desire further and faster than before.
I position you body comfortable on the bed and I start giving you massage all over again in motions of passion and excitement is growing in your mind.
You want me inside you Sebastian and you want me to concur and control your body and your needs.
We continue and we play in the very room for hours. Your thoughts and recollections allow you to move out of the bath and position your body in the room and onto the bed. Your face looking onto the ceiling and while you close your eyes, my face appears and my hands touch your body. You remain naked and you want me to see you naked body in virtual presence.
You are whispering my name and you become more aroused and wanting me to touch you. I can see you naked now, body and mind, soul and feelings. All are exposed and all are coming towards me exposing their real meanings and existence in my life.
You take a dildo and hand it over to me while your hands are moving and placing the tips of your fingers at the chicks of your arse. Sebastian, I want you to bring with you a couple of dildoes that we will use during our play to tease your arse and your depth. You need to have a plug like one and a cock like one. They need to be towards the large size but not the largest. I can keep them safe for you or you can take them back with you when you leave. We will use them over and over again during our play and your arse will get used to the comfort of these inserts which I will place inside you during the various stages of our games. To start, we will use them to familiarise your arse inside with the feeling of a strange body being there and ultimately we will use them to offer moments of hedonism in conjunction with my hands and my cock inside you at different times and combinations.
The time has reached my darling when you are virtually impatient and you want to feel me inside you all at once, my cock, my hands, and my tongue.
You remove your hands from your buttocks and you place them away from your body while you’re lifting your whole body up and kneel on the bed in all 4s. I approach you slowly but steadily and I position my tongue right into your inner hole. You move closer to me and you push your arse out to me. I am full of passion and eating your hole inwards and pulling outwards to me; the motion is no longer smooth and soft but wild and rough; no moment to rest is spared in this rough desire to take you all in my mouth and eat you well and deep. I take your arse in my mouth and allow my tongue to penetrate you deeper all the time. You feel a slight discomfort and want to allow some air out but I am pulling you even closer to my face and push further air inside you. You give up all efforts to release air and you donate the entire arse and all the desire to my motions. You can trust me and your mind is fully aware that the whole play, the restraint of the mind and the body is bringing further euphoria and enhancing the approach to ecstatic moments. Your arse is now really bursting of desire to release air but your kind thoughts and feelings of restraint doesn’t allow you to push out. The feeling is far too good and enjoyable and you maintain my tongue and the tips of my fingers locked deep inside you.
Your arse is well rounded and pushing up in the air and my tongue is reaching it and ravaging it fast and in a motion full of desire. You cannot hold the physical need any more and though the desire is escalating your inner self is forcing air up your intestines and outside your hole. The air is coming out warm fast and making a lot of noise. My face is covered completely with desire and the air is bringing the complete opposite of actions that you could have imagined. It makes me wild and wild I throw you round the bed, I lift your legs up and in a quick move I shaft my cock deep inside your arsehole with a condom well placed over it. I fuck you Sebastian and generate even more air inside you and inside you can feel my whole existence deeper and wider. I pump with my shaft deep into your hole and you start shouting my name and your are calling me to continue to fuck you. You want me inside you Sebastian and you want to feel the veins of my shaft engulfing your inner hole and muscle. You squeeze your hole on my shaft and this motion shoots fire right across inside you and deeper up your arse hole. I can hear your screams filling the room and my ears. You want me so much Sebastian, I can feel it and you are telling me. I can hear you shouting my name and holding my back pulling it towards you. I stop, I remove my shaft from your hole and I position it right against your hole once again. With a swift and fast movement I penetrate you again and this time I reach deep and fast. A slight discomfort is evident in your face that is now turning towards me and squeezing your eyes. I acknowledge this and I pull out from your arse and I touch your manlips gently with my fingers. This soft touch brings new sensation and you turn back towards me calling my name again and showing your desire. 'Costa fuck me please. Costa push your cock inside me. Costa I want you deep and hard to penetrate my inner arse you say and your eyes are now wet. You are crying my darling full of desire and passion for our time together, for our reunification.
I want to give you all you need and I want to continue to fuck you all over again but your arse hole needs to calm down and maintain the desire for the next phase of our play. Therefore I turn your body back in the bed and facing the ceiling. I wipe your eyes and I hold you hands firmly in my hands. I lye next to you and watch your body while your imagination is wild and inviting me in your hotel room.
You are still lying on the bed with your eyes wide open looking at the ceiling and wish this virtual game does never finish.
I am invited to join you all the time by your virtual word of imagination and so I come closer to you all the time. I write these words while I know that you are somewhere in meetings or tasks and at the end of the day you will return back to your hotel room, you will position your self naked on the bed and you will invite me to join you.
So I continue to wrap my hands all over your body which is now steaming full of desire for more to invade your body and your mind. I watch your chest as you breathe deep and your nipples aroused pointing upwards towards me. I ask you to come close to me and suck on my nipples while your arse is in close proximity to my hands. I slowly move my hands and I reach your hole. Your excitement is growing fast and while you’re chewing on my nipples I enter your arse hole with one then two and three fingers at a time. Your desire is growing and you look straight into my face and whisper to me passionately. 'Costa I want to fuck you again. I want to enter your body and ravage your inside while preparing you for my hands' I have not even time to realise that you have a condom on your cock and hard it is pointing at me. You push me gently but very firmly towards the end of the bed and you ask me to stand and place my arse on your cock. I do as you want and I point my hole straight above your cock. I take your cock and I know how much desire has been accommodated by it now. You don’t wait much longer and you ask me to ride your cock immediately. I obey and I give you all you want, pleasure, desire, comfort. I ride your cock slowly and you ask me to escalate the speed. You say to me 'Costa ride my cock faster. I want to go deep and far inside you my darling'. I do as you wish and this time I position my face away from yours and so I can ride you deeper and further inwards. You become more aroused and you ask me to stay down with your cock firmly inside me.
This dream is growing into a novel but our play is even longer and deeper in feelings, emotions, desires and passion.
The time has come for you to start the entering process with other means, your fingers, your hands, your feet; all your endings want to penetrate me.

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