Wed 5 Dec 2007 20:49:32 : from a chat in recon

blith: i want u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly
ant0nis: i want u so much and i continue to play with ur
body, giving u immense pleasure and switch on your
blith: apparently i'll have a lot to do next year in London,
we'll stay together as we can, i need u
blith: march after my selling campaign i can take some
long week end, we could also meet in nice
ant0nis: my love, this is wonderfull news; i will make all
the time for you; play with your arse play with your lips
touch ur nipples and give u constant reassurance of my
love and ecstasy when with u
blith: anywhere with u, my love
ant0nis: i certainly will wait for u to bring ur mind and
body back to my hands back to my wants and desires
ant0nis: i want to turn u on the bed and deep rim ur
arse with the first opportunity
blith: all yrs
ant0nis: i hope not to have to wait untill march to touch
and make love to you
ant0nis: am so horny now and i want to give u all my
cum all over ur face and mouth
blith: i want 2 feel u close, i want yr hands on me, in
me, i want 2 explore yr inner, your mouth with my
tongue, yr arse with my fingers
blith: b4 march it will b difficult, don't make me think of it
blith: as soon as i can, i really need u badly
ant0nis: i want to fuck u sensesly and rim u deeper
than before; i want to rape ur arse while i re affirm
ownership of this beautifull part of ur body
ant0nis: if i touch my cock now it will shoot huge load
all over u
blith: do it
ant0nis: am not very good with the web page that u
have set for us, so u can copy this chat and post it on
the page
blith: i wanna feel yr hot cum on my body
ant0nis: i definetely want to do it and shoot my cum all
over u my love
blith: love u
ant0nis: i love u to and so it is hard to be away from u
for so long
ant0nis: i will keep trying untill we meet again
ant0nis: have u played recently? ok if u have but just be
blith: i haven't at all
blith: in mexico just work, and i was not in the mood to
cruising around
blith: here yes, but with my partner
blith: im totally addicted 2 u, my love
ant0nis: i am so happy to enjoy special moments with
u, with ur arse and ur body; i want u and will give u an
unforgettable expericne when i see u next x
ant0nis: have u saved this conversation for our web
blith: just the possibility to be with u is an unforgettable
experience, u make me feel horny as hell. yes im
posting it as we finish
ant0nis: i love u and kiss u all over ur body; i have to go
now as dinner is being served; see you soon my love x
ant0nis: x
ant0nis: x
ant0nis: x
blith: xxx

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