From: ant0nis
31/Jan/08 23:41
hello my darling; i have returned from cuba; a very poor and evidently a corupt society trying all means to make a living in this nonsence of a system that they imposed upon them; of course if one keeps off the beaten track you can spend all your holidays there and not realise what is happening with these people; but i like to mix and enquire and question and so i have found a lot about there lives in that country; i also got to know a gallery where i bought a whole collection of oil paintings and they are absolutely gorgeous; will send you some pictures by e-mail if you want to see them; love u x
From: ant0nis
01/Feb/08 17:45
happy lucky feb; all my love as always x
To: ant0nis
01/Feb/08 18:32
welcome back my darling!!!!!!
im overloaded of work and think of you constantly.
yeah, i know 'bout cuba....great for pantings, im looking forward 2 seing the pics.....but id prefer you. all my love

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