ant0nis: u r in my arms constantly! in my thoughts, in
my mind, in my heart
blith: i wass thinking the same,
ant0nis: we will have time to do many things; i am
patient and waiting for the right time for everything in life
blith: and u know im yrs, don'y u, my love?
ant0nis: as long as our love is strong we have nothing
to worry about; distance and frequency of meetings do
not affect my feelings for u
ant0nis: u r my boy, my gorgeous boy and ur
achievements are my pride too!
blith: then my achievements are all to you dedicated
ant0nis: there is nothing else i would like to do now, but
to hold u in my arms, stick my tongue deep into ur
mouth and my cock hard up ur manhole
blith: im getting hard only reading u
ant0nis: this way i can prove to u how much i love i
possess i long for u
ant0nis: i am hard whenever i think of u and ur
beautifull manhole and hands pushing inside mine
blith: im yrs and u r mine, and this is it
ant0nis: of course! i love u for ever; going to prepare
some supper so see u soon!
ant0nis: love u bye my gorgeous love x
blith: to the next one my love, ciao
ant0nis: x

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