Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:22:44 +0100 : in need of you

my dearest
>> you are constantly in my thoughts and i have a physical itching that urge me towards you.
i can really feel vibes all around my body, and in these moments my heart beats faster.
>> everytime i stop and take into account what my mind is dreaming by itself, almost detached from what my body is doing in my daily routine, i simply feel an increasing heat spreading around all my inner self.
>> i badly need to be with you the soonest, either in london or nice or at the top of the world, this latter is anyway where you will bring me hence we'll be together....
>> as told you im heading to middle east next sunday up to the 5th of november (...remember remember the 5th of november....) and then i shall be quite free up to the 22snd when i will leave again for south america.
>> any chance we can meet in between?
> wherevere you want, i just want to be with you.
>> love
> seb

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