Tue, 23 Oct 2007 13:02:34 +0100 : Share the moment

Darling Seb,
Your thoughts and feelings are human and natural and so they enable your body and mind to dance wild and free.
The moments that we share together enable you to be completely free of anything earthy and controlling, free from your encumberances and free from your social wants and musts.
Hence the thoughts of us being together send vibes through your spine and utterly frees your soul.
The thoughts in my mind associated with our connection bring warmth and caring feelings.
The same thoughts also bring sleaze and excitement, all beautifully connected and linked to the moments that we share.
The care for you, for your body and feelings are associated with all the motions and bonding that my mind and body desperately needs in closeness to you.
I want to reach your soul via the path that your body is paving for me.
This path is your thirst for excitement in relation to your ability to welcome me and my soul deep inside your sould and your body. The moments that you open your arse for me to massage and reach in depth are those moments that your soul is wild and open to my soul to touch.
The opening up of your body is largerly assisted by your ability to open your soul wide and waive any inhibitions andprotective barriers between us.
You trust me Sebastiane and so you are capable to reach stages of upper sensation in many angles.
The time will come when your inner body will need to feel my presence inside and this time will enhance our sessions even more and in true closeness of the soulsand the minds.
The moment will come when your comfort with me inside you will outweight your natural comfort without me.
The feeling of my hands inside you will become a completely natural and comfortable existence within you. I can imagine you on all fours, legs widely open in front of my eyes pushing your inner opening towards me and your muscle clearly dripping its own juices.
Your face turning towards me and your eyes sparkle full of sleaze and excitement for your needs to be transmitted to my mind and my body.
The process is slow and commences with gentle kissing and touching of your buttocks and inner and further, my hands rubbing all over your back and massaging your neckall the way round to touch your nipples underneath. The excitement rises further and your hole is twitching further and faster. You move your hands towards the back of your body and pull your buttocks apart to indicate your need, to spell it out to me that your urge is escalating further and faster. I gently collect your hands and move them to a position of comfort, open and awayf rom your torso.
I know all about your needs and it is clear in my mind how much you need me inside you, how much you need my fingers to play with your inner desire. No hurry is necessary, the longer the tease, the more the excitement rises and the better the connection is established.
I slowly touch your opening and gradually allow your self to familiarise again with my touch, my feel, my texture.
You are responding fast and I build on confidence based on the knowledge that you are fully in my hands, your mind dedicated to mine and our connection is escalating to very high levels.
The levels of your ability vary and slowly build up in strength. You can achievethis because you have mental strength to view situations and issues outside thebox, outside the typical, common stereotypical situation.Your ability will gradually enable you to open and welcome my whole hand insideyou. The moment will come when your arse is widely open and calling for all myends to tease you. I play with you by means of my well greased hands, I interchange them with the tips of my feed and in the process you are mowningfull of desire and anxiety for more and more and more.
The moment will come my darling Sebastiane when your needs will escalate so high, that you will welcome my feet inside you in a gentle, slow, punch motion. Always in full trust and with your safety never under any risk or compromise. The feet will enter you slowly and exit in the same speed, and the interchange of the left with theright foot will maintain the balance of desire within the whole of your inner body.
Trust me, you are capable for this and you will achieve it for sure.
I know that your body will reach this stage very soon.
These thoughts are soon to sparkle and gain life and become our joint moments.
In a world that we can live together and share only between us.I have no immediate plans between the 5th and 22nd november, so it will be very good to see you sometime during this period. There are many options and alsoc onsiderations as to the best place to meet. At home is very comfortable but Ihave relatives (uncle and untie) staying with me for a while before they leavef or athens and so it may not be very wise to play at mine. In Nice it is good,but I have no means of obtaining chems in europe, unless of course you cansource is.If you can source chems, then we can meet in Nice for a gorgeous relaxing weekend on the beach, in the comfort of my home there.
We can repeat this as often as we want and need to be together. I have driven from Nice to Milan before and it only takes 2.30 hours in the car.
Alternatively, we can meet in london and play in your hotel, it doesn't have to be the cumberland, anything will be good, after all, we are not after thel uxury of the hotel but the luxury of our connection.
My Sebastiane, relax and enjoy your days between now and our next session together.
Enjoy your work and your time with your partner and friends.
All these daily things make you a happy person and one that can enjoy better and deeper our own special friendship.
As always
your costas

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