Fri, 19 Oct 2007 14:22:22 +0100 : Slowly connecting in depth

Darling Sebastien,
There is no doubt in my mind that you and I have established a very well balanced and a healthy connection which is evident in our daily thoughts and is leading to the exchange of the most poetic and warm messages.
Our words depict our feelings for our recent connection which is going to lead to many more sessions and rise to the utmost of levels above anything that aman can imagine.
Allow your heart to pump into your body in the rythm of your sensuality overwhat we have exchanged the other day, allow your mind to climb wild up into the higher of sensual and deepest thoughts, allow your body to shake full of sleazein the idea of what we have exchanged.
A thought will occasionally and swiftly pass through your mind and will make you shake of anticipation and at ease you will recollect your ideas and feelingsand allow your mind to draw a picture in full colours to show the exchange of enery between our bodies, between our minds, between our feelings.
We will soon re establish physical connection which is currently building up in our thoughts and our feelings.
The moment will come when we materialise oururge to touch each other and feel our face features, our skin, our inner desires.I will embrace you and allow my tongue to climb sensually into your mouth and in a manner that will connect your mouth to your manhood and your rear inner muscular configuration and pump desire into every inch of your body via your mind.
Your mind, this beautifull part of your body is geared up to wire your every cell and every organ to your feelings and so to achieve optimum sensual satisfaction every moment that you allow your self in trust and fully to behandled and treated during our sessions.
The news that you are keen to repeat our experience is simply a mirror image of my urge to feel your body again and dance with you in a manner that only our souls can do.
The sense of all this is accurately depicting our desires and will again rise together into this utmost sensual feeling of optimum pleasureto feed all your body mind and soul. The deepest I slide inside you with my sensual movement, the closer you get to this feeling.
This special encounter is not simply a sleazy thought which feeds the mind, instead is an empowerement ofthe body to address all sort of issues in our day to day routine.
During our sessions and afterwards during our daily routine and encounters with all sort of people socially and emotionally.You trust me in full and optimum desire and I will ensure that I dedicate my body and mind to shift all the energy that you need to accomodate the slow and sensual stretching process which is merely a stage towards optimum sensuality.
I know that the moment you turn your face to look at me, the moment that you show to me your expression is the moment that you completely are giving me access to your most complicated of codes; your desire.
I move with passion and I gradually exchange the energy that your body requires to convert the paininto pleassure, this energy is paramount to assist you into achievements beyond the usual, with goals that the mind can set and the body can aim for.
I am urging you to relax you mind and your body and to allow your imagination to climb wild and wellcome these moments of anticipation as a workout for the soulto prepare itself for our forthcoming encounter.
There is no need to rush and stretch your body and mind in aim to reach the same level of satisfaction that we have achieved together when you find yourself with other encounters that can possibly offer casual satisfaction but may prove to be damaging into your future and long term satisfaction. Your recent experience has empowered you and possibly enabled your imagination to go wild and anticipate the most sensual of encounters to be the normal.
Dont be deceived! A well balanced, deep connectionand mutual understanding is not a routine but a rare encounter. We have found this one and therefore you have been able to reach levels above expectation oranticipation. That is the sense of ecstasy in the mind and the body. If you play in the meantime please look after your soul and your body, dont allow anyone to push your limits; you are the one who can handle your encounter and you have done that recently when you have given me the whole of your existance; patiently you will achieve the same when we play again.
In the meantime relax and look after yourself.
I am very anxious to see you totouch you to embrace you to kiss you to lick you to slide inside you to take your whole body and mind and dance with you in a wild encounter that will be socalm for the mind and the body.
Soon my Sebastien, very very very soon.
As ever and for ever
your friend in sensitivity

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