Fri, 19 Oct 2007 10:00:22 +0100 : a further step

>> my dearest costas
>> to read you is like ti have you inside me.
everything you said on our night was already in my mind, everything you wrote me today is circulating in my all body reaching my soul through my heart.
>> i continuosly think of you, even when my mind is concentrated in business activities.
>> it is not just a physical desire, it is the> reassurance to have found a similar soul, someone i gave all myself to and he treated me as i was needed to.
>> our intense connection brought me to a state ive never been, melting the all essence of myself in yours, in one.
>> i desperately need to be in your arms again, soon. I need it pysichally, emotionally and mentally...the most strange feeling is i am not attracted to repeat what you did to my hole with anybody else, i am not looking for a similar experience with what here in> milano is on offer, altough the pleasure of it should> lead me to. i just want your hands inside me.
>> you have been the first to reach certain ground and to make me feel whet i felt, in this sense i am yours.
>> i will try to come back in london the soonest, even on> my own and not necessarely for business purposes.
>> i just want to feel again the exstasy only you can give me.
>> and i am looking forward to read you more.
>> your truly soulmate
> sebastien

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