Sun, 21 Oct 2007 13:02:23 +0100 : sunday thoughts

My dear friend,
There is no need to be sorry or conserned about the length of your
messages or
even the timing of your correspondance;
The importance of this exchange of words, thoughts and feelings is to
be let
free to happen when the stimulation of the mind and the soul is
That is the time when you can write at your best and express yourself
the most.
I hope your weekend is joyfull though work prevails; no doubt you will
in your liaisons and you will return to Milan happy and proud of your
I had some people for dinner last night, the night went on and on;
Annabelle who
is French from Paris used to work for me a couple of years ago; she is
now in
london finishing her postgraduate qualification and they came along
with her
boyfriend, Mike who is American from California. An academic friend
from Poland
also attended and another friend Nikos, who is a Greek architect joined
us too.
My untie and uncle were here as well. Big crowd but very nicely blended
and all
had fun.
I went to bed well after midnight and I was thinking about your face
the other day and how passionately you were reassuring me that your
was constant and by doing so you were empowering me with the confidence
to work you slowly but steadily in one direction...ahead. That way
your arse was getting the most and your mind was stimulated all along;
I recall the moments that you were closing your eyes and holding my
hand while
the other hand was shooting waves of passion and power straight into
your inner
body to stimulate your desire. I recall the moments that you were
reassuring me
that there was no pain and only pleasure all around your arse and your
hole was
accomodating me in comfort; those moments will remain in my mind for
long and at
least untill our next session when I will carry even more memories,
sounds and
features in my mind again.
The moments of your passion were the moments of our true and deep
when you took my hand and slowly and gently positioned your self on it
enclaved my fingers with your inner muscle while sitting on it and I
was lying
on the floor was the moment that I realised how far reaching our
connection was
going to be. That moment I realised in true confidence that you were
to this lasting connection and it was building up to be a mean of
strength for
the time to come. You rode my hand and in confidence allowed me to
tease you
inside and push hard and steady; always in comfort and the waives came
and gone
in a constant dance of colours and shapes up your arse and ultimately
your mind
and soul. I was pushing and shooting waives of strength inside you and
you knew
exactly how important was for me to hear your voice and watch your eyes
confirming that you were in good shape of mind and comfort. In this
manner i
could continue and help you to advance your muscle strength further.
You were
ready for my entry and we reserved this point a little bit further.
Always in
my mind was your comfort and safety. I know how and when to push and
how and
when you will be ready for this.
When we played and I touched you, I knew that our very first session
was one of
consecutive encounters. The time I touched you and you looked at me in
confidence and comfort, I was full of joy and relaxed with you and your
desire. There was no need to advance beyond the point of your
desire. There are ways and ways to enter and slide inside you but the
one you
chose was the most favourable to me. Patiently, slowly and in building
confidence and trust. I was happy to take you as far you wanted and
prove the
trust was building strong. The anticipation was certain and the repeat
experience would certainly occur.
Awaiting anxiously to face you and kiss and embrance you in true
passion and
love again.
Take good care of yourself my Sebastiane and see me soon.
All my love and care

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