Mon, 22 Oct 2007 09:00:09 +0100 : i had a dream last night

>I had a dream last night.

> I was coming to visit you, only for you.
> I arrived in London with the Paddington express and came directly to your place, expectation was at the highest and in my dream I could feel the excitement of walking in the street to reach you home.
> I almost run on stairs, although I don’t know in real if I have to climb stairs to come to you.
> When you opened the door I simply jumped in your arms, because this is what I feel to do the moment I will see you again.
> We start kissing and touching and undress each other, calmly but enraged by the passion that links us.
> I start working your ass with my tongue, gently opening it for further games.
> You were doggy style, and your ass was opening to me full of desire.
> My cock was hard and tense and after a while really needed to enter your inner back.
> I start fucking you, working as well the ass with my fingers.
> Slowly slowly your inner opened to me and continuosly pumping with my cock I was able to insert the all hand and close it around my cock, as if I was jerking inside of you.
> Than the cock is out and the hand remains in, testing the beauty of your inner flesh.
> Relax, embraced, laughing and kissing……

> The dream went on with you taking care of my hole as only you can do, and this went on for a while, step by step enlarging it and making my passion and eagerness for it so high.
> You finally got inside me in full, and we became one….
> I seat in front of you, my legs spreaded, your hand in full inside of me……
> I took you head in my hands and asked you to come out very slowly from my ass and at the same time get inside my eyes with your eyes during the process…..
> We became one complete entity, as it is meant to be……..
> I woke up in a state you can imagine, and with my pj wet of desire for you.

> Next Sunday I am leaving for Middle East, coming back on the 5th of November.
> I would like to organize myself to visit you at least for a night, after that.
> love
> seb

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