Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:18:37 +0100 : Sundry - from yr friend in sensuality

My very dear friend Seb,
It is with great pleasure that I read your e-mail this morning and also had sight of your image which is absolutely devine in its meaning.
I also would very much like to maintain communication with you, either viae-mail, on-line and even over the telephone when the circumstances permit. I am very discreet and I know the importance of this over our own separate lives.
The time will go by and this communication will keep the passion live and active in our minds until our next reunion in deep sensual sensitive passionate action.
The image that you send to me depicts your desire in a gegree of surealism but I am sure that your mind and body desire the sensational activity over your physical and mental being to rise even higher than the picture, at levels of true passion and in full trust.
I know that you want and that you are able to achieve this.
The other night, we proved to each other how much our souls and bodies can rise over a sensual dance of hedonism. The moment I kissed you, I knew how much you would trust my ability to offer you hedonism in comfort. The task was great and the responsibility in my own mind was growing as much as the desire to offer you such a hedonism.
Then I touched you, I touched your skin, the vains of your manhood, your face,your features and eventually your buttocks and ultimately your inner self both physically and mentally.
I knew for sure that you were offering to me your whole existance in aim for hedonism.
I followed your signs and worked your arse in slow and comfortable movement, such as to make you feeling greedy and hungry inside.
The movement of your body and eyes proved to me that I was acting inthe right direction.
You opened your inner muscle for me in a way that I don't think has been opened before for any other pair of hands.
I am so gratefull for this to you.
The comfort of working inside you was evident. My desire was growing further.Your eyes showed desire and my hands became more steady and firm in their movements; we united in one body.
Your inside became part of my body via my most sensual part, my hands. I wanted to hide inside you and exchange energy. My strength gradually diminished and it was transfered into you, making you stronger and able to sustain the pain and pleasure as one mixed feeling.
The more of my energy you received the closer you came to me. My body melted and my probing slowed down to reach almost a stage of hybernation. That movement enabled you to relax further, desire more, and grab my hands with your innermuscle in such comfort that you have never experienced before.I am very keen to reach this point and beyond with you again. The moment that Iwill kiss you again will be the moment that your inner desires will pick at the summit of the mountain of hedonism. I write to you and dream of that moment whenI will again be in a position to take your arse and work my way inside youbecause this way I will fulfill your desire.
The moment I achieve the flow of hedonism all over your body I get closer and understand you better and deeper. The moment that you call for me to remain deep inside you, I realise how much the desire has build up within your mind and strengthens your ability to sustain the force in aim for pleasure.
This moment my own inner desire escalates, my body twitches and calls for yourentry.
I can sustain your play and your force inside me while my imagination is wild with your desire flowing from your face features, your eyes and your sounds.
When you are exchausted and still allow yourself to continue in aim to offer me further pleasure my desire becomes so hot in my own imagination.
You offered me optimum pleasure when you have maintained your position close to my body and in comfort slided inside me and continued going in and reaching further and deeper spots. You were able to describe the texture and even thefeeling inside me which brought complete ecstasy into my mind.
I wanted you so so so much and you were there for me.
Seb, I am going to have to stop writing now because I became very aroused and certainly I have to concentrate in my daily routine which is very demanding.
I will await your thoughts and desires in any form or shape you can express yourself better. There is no need to force words or thoughts between us, I know that these flow freely and escalate as the time goes by until our next time together. Just allow your imagination to climb wild into the air and feelcompletely uninhibited to tell me how you feel and what you want to experience.
All the thoughts, feelings, ideas, wishes and desires that you have are ever soimportant to me.
I am getting to know your soul and your body during this communication and encounters.
It is not a quick process, instead, it is a slowlong and sensual exchange of images, worlds and sounds of the soul.
Talk to me soon.
As ever,
Your friend in passion.

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