Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:32:14 +0100 : You are my dream

My adorable friend and partner in deep sensual passion Sebastiane,
Your messages develope in all possible angles and the meanings becomedeeper andincreasingly very articulated. I am impressed and realy taken by yoursweet andtrue words.
Your dreams are vivid but even so accurate; the fact that there are stairs towalk up to my front door show that your imagination is so close to reality.
Of course we will embrace in true manly manner and shot fires from our tongueswhen they blend together and dance away the moment of our reunion.
It will be time before we remove a single garment because the sense of gettingtogether again will be best expressed in closeness of the souls best expressedwith cuddles and kissing.
The passion will escalate and your anxiety coupledwith my anticipation will lead to the most wonderfull encounter ever possible.
It will be even longer, more sensual, more deep lasting and we will reach aneven higher connection than previously.
My whole body will be shievering and my arse will be twitching in the sight ofyour beautifull eyes and hands and whole body.
I will give you my arse for aslong as you wish to lick the buttocks, finger the hole, rim the innermuscle.
Iwill make sure that you take a lot of poppers and so to enable you to use yourtongue deep and so to fulfill your increasingly extented sleaze.
The idea of your hard cock penetrating my inner self makes me feelingso sensualand jolly.
The ability to use your hand simultaneously and enclave the cockinside me with your fingers and ultimately your whole fist is ever so hot andhorny.
Absolute ecstasy all over the room. I will be screaming full of desirefor my Sebastiane and his ability to bring the best out of me; Sebastiane Iwill even cry when I feel so much inside me of you and the build up of such ahigh level of trust between us.
The way that you entered and stayed inside me for so long the other night andeven in stages reached deeper and more sensational spots remains in my mindconstantly.
I recall asking you to sit opposite me on the bed, with your bodyfacing me and so to allow your hands to enter me and travel slowly inside mereaching immense depth.
I recall how serene and easy those moments wereand howclose to each other we managed to be. You were tired but kept moving your handinside me to feed my sleaze and throw flames of ecstasy into my body.
Your beautifull and so desiarable inner muscle will also start twitching andfeeling needy and greedy for my hand to slowly work its way inside you. My hairy, firm, small and elegant hands will slide inside you so gently withoutallowing not even for one moment to compromise your comfort. As before, wewill do the same. Give you the best without any compromises or reservations.
The importance of all this is not the destination but the whole journey.
The journey of your heart to approach mine, the journey of your tongue all over mynaked flesh, the journey of my hands into your gorgeous ass. There is absolutely no need to stress your thoughts and imagination with the vision ofmy hands entering you in full. Simply bring the desire and let thingsdevelope.I will give you the most sensual and gentle massage ever. I will work my fingers all around in and out and always in a very very slow probing.
When the moment arrives, you will simply swallow my whole hand inside you and then there will be ecstasy in its most beautifull and optimum degree.
The moment thatyour body allows me to enter you fully will be the moment that you will show all yourtrust and all your desire coupled with sleaze and other associated feelings.The eyes on your face will close and the body will reach moments of complete awareness and shock.
You will turn towards me and whisper 'heaven'.
These feelings are second to none and once you share this experience with me, our connection will escalate into another level, much higher and away from small and human considerations.
I will calmly ask you to relax, not to stretch and send negative meanings to this sensual part of your body, your open inner muscle. Not to push me outside but simply allow me to exit as calmly and as slowly as I have entered you. The body will feel a deep sense of relief and that relief will be in your mind forever, since this first moment.
The importance of all this, of course, is to enable you to understand that the inner body can be fully controlled by way of stimulations of the mind. The idea will stay in your mind and then it will a matter of time when you can develop techniques to accept my hands inside you and to remain for longer and dive deeper.
I feel ever so previlaged to know that you desire my technique which comes complete with a clear mind, apassionate soul and a loving heart. All these put together will give you the most wonderfull and memorable first entry which will be repeated over and over again.
The moment that we have kissed each other the other day was the moment that we found a true soul friend and discovered a sincere and secure shoulder to touchin need for the years to come. My friend Sebastiane, allow your desires to travel freely in the air and allow your body to experience this deep and sensual experience of giving itself fully to me.
I will look after you and your feelings so carefully and you will not need to worry.
This friendshipis here to last.
It is here to bless both of us with unique moments of joy and wehave all the potential to achieve this joy together.
These days friends are more likely to become acquintances and closerelationships between people end up becoming a union driven by economic stability. Our friendship is pure and clear from all these and so we have every chance to maintain and strengthen it over the years to come.
The passion will transform into sensuality and the actions will prove our close friendship.
I leave you with my warm wishes and love in my heart while awaiting your thoughts and ultimately the day that we will reunite again.
I love you

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