Mon, 5 Nov 2007 16:21:20 +0000 : hello my boy

Darling Seb,

How are you? It has been long since I had any news from you and a few
of my
e-mails have bounced back undelivered.

I hope you are well and thriving with your professional aspirations

I am also very busy here and trying hard to make the most of my time at
work and
socialising. But work and travelling takes its toll over my social

I am anxious to see your face behind the door once again and give you
the most
sensual and intense kiss. I can imagine pulling you inside and holding
body close to mine while shooting my tongue right up and into your open
which will be also full of desire.

My darling the time is coming and the moments are now a few before I
see you and
kiss you again. Before I experience a repeat of our first connection a
few weeks

I am so pleased that you have managed to put london in your forthcoming
destinations and my heart in your current and future care.

I enjoy this exchange of communication immensely and my body chakes at
thought of finding myself in our hotel room again soon to merge into
one body
with one mind and emotions linked so closely that the night will not be
able to
pull apart.

My tongue will escape wild and cover the whole of your manly body, your
deep, your cock wild and your mouth, your beautifull mouth for hours.

I am waiting for the moment to arrive my darling Seb.

As ever


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