Tue, 6 Nov 2007 09:04:43 +0000 : goodmorning from cold crowthorne

My Seb,

It was a pure delight to receive your e-mails this morning. Last night
we went
to see the new film Elizabeth The Golden Age with my untie and another
of mine. It was good but not brilliant. The earlier version of
Elizabeth was
much better.

I assume you are now back home in Milan. A friend of mine who is a
doctor is in
Milan whis week. She rang me yesterday and told me that she is visiting
hospital there with a friend of hers for medical reasons. She is a
oncologist and practises in the general hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Anyhow, you can rest and relax now, back home and in the comfort of
your own
house, friends and partner. You can rest in your onw environment and
sleep in
your own bed.

The time is moving fast and our Friday is approaching rapidly. I was
the other day that we could meet again soon in Nice. I will be there
the end of January. It will be great to see you again and have a
meeting, by the sea, in the comfort of my own apartment. Think about

In the meantime, we have our slow long and adventurous evening to
consider, when
the two of us will explore and advance our knowledge on each other's
desires and
wants, in the comfort of our own space and under no pressure of time or

I really am very excited to see you again as a close friend who enjoys
this form
of discreet but wild adventure, safe sane beautiful thoughts engulf my
consept in relation to our connection.

Be wild in your thoughts, be adventurous in your ideas, be dark and
deep in your
desires. My ambition is to fulfill each and every one, with my mind,
body, soul
and heart.

See you soon my darling.

I love you

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