Thu, 8 Nov 2007 13:40:11 +0000 : not long to go

My darling Seb,

Your feelings are so genuine, natural and reflecting my own feelings
for you. We
have both allowed our spirits free to find their natural mate, a mate
who is
close to our heart as well as to our body.

Any moment of the day if you ask me where I would like to be, the
answer would
be inside you without any reservation; inside your heart, inside your
inside your body; inside this beautifull and full of hunger for passion

body of
yours. I will penetrate you with all my means; my eyes, my tongue, my
my fingers and ultimately my fist; the more i manage the closer will
bring me
to you and your whole entity.

Give me your arsehole sebastiane and trust me i will cause you only
increase your desire and concrete our relationship into one to last;
one to
carry on for years to come. One to fulfill your dreams, your desires,
one to
ensure that you get what you need in safe and sane environment.

Any time that your need is growing into a flame, each time your pain
strong enough to seek fulfillment of the virtual dream, come to me. Or
I will
reach you. I want to ensure that I fulfill your desires my darling with
all my
means and not allow you to desire what otherwise can delay your

I will always endavour and I will find the way to be there for you when

you need
my hand inside you. I will be there for you to push and wire your
arsehole to
its complete fulfillment and leave you full of desire ready for our
session; I will leave your hole large and full of its own juices,
desire outside and I will be licking it and rimming it for you to ease
tension and mellow the comfort.

I will fuck and fist you like you havent been before and this will be
our game
plan for years to come; your arse is going to get full satisfaction in
my hands
always in comfort, slow and gently. You are going to give me your body,
your hole and allow me to dive inside you with my whole body which is
passionate, hot and full of sleaze to materialise your desire.

Your arse in constantly in my mind, along with all other parts of your
body. But
there are moments my Seb that all I can manage to see into the space
ahead, is
yout glorious hole, opening up and screaming full of desire. I will
fulfill you
my darling.

I will play with your arse for hours. This part of your body is now
mine for all
better and enjoyable moments.

Give me your arse and I will play with it well.

As always

your costas

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