Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:31:01 +0000 : time

My Seb,

Good morning; had a fairly difficult day so far with power going off
and the IT
not operating properly.

I have just managed to go back to operating motion and thought to drop
you a

I had an early night last night and you were in my mind; felt you there
with me
in my cuddle, embracing you and feeling close to you.

It will be so beautifull when I see you on Friday, to kiss you and take
lips close to mine before I can do anything else to your body.

Technically speaking, I have bought plenty of acqueous cream, j-lube
and I have
some poppers. I have also ordered some 200 of chems to share between us
enhance our session. Also to stimulate us for the long night ahead of
Please do not feel that you have the share this cost in full, you can
make your contribution at a level that you feel comfortable. I will be
that way.

I am really looking forward to see you again, to embrace and kiss you.
Tongue to
tongue, lips locked together, manhoods growing hard, arse muschels
relaxing and
hands and feet acquiring probing for the night ahead.

Seb, this is one of many sessions that you and I will encounter,
between our bodies and our hearts.

I will also trim my fingers and prepare them for your arse as you have
already. I am keen to open up to you and feel your fingers touching my
arse and
your tongue feeling deep inside it. You will fell the warmth aura of my
with your nicely pumpered hands and fingers. I will open up for you
fully, my
heart is already pouring out, my soul is closer to you every day that
goes by
and my body is twitching by the thought of you getting excitement and
fulfillment in touching it.

I was comfortable with you first time and knew that your excitement was
and fulfilling, but this time having read your thoughts and felt your
I will be even more esxcited and ecstatic moments between us are

See you Friday my love, in body, open hearted, inhibited soul for me to

I really am excited by the idea of undressing your slowly and giving
your body a
caring slow warm bath whike stimulating your manhood and your

Till then, I am excited and loving you.

As ever
your costas

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