Mon, 12 Nov 2007 09:41:39 +0000 : Our week

My dear darling,

Monday and another busy day at the office.

Thinking ahead and anxiously waiting for the day to come when I can
embrace your
body, surrender your lips, conquer your soul and penetrate your hole
all in

Bring your body and your heart as beautifull as I send it back some
weeks ago.
Pure and innocent, able to receive signals of care, love and affection.
back home my darling, your home is where your heart is, where your arse
up to love and affection.

Allow your body to be mine, to be bathed and washed to be prepare for a
session stronger and deeper, at high level of connection to allow entry
re-entry through your arse and via your heart.

I will take you and make you mine this friday like you have never given
body to anyone else before. Your arsehole is mine, your mind cares for
emotional connection with your lover.

Come to me clear of fear, strong in feelings, able to reach this high
level with

Love you and waiting for you.

Your costas

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