Tue, 6 Nov 2007 15:53:35 +0000 : cant wait to see you again


So you will take a good night's sleep on Thursday night, relax your
body and
mind and allow your self to be stimulated.

We will take a coffee at home on Friday, have a chat and pop out to a a
of shops in soho that i know to look for and purchase your new
Toys for my boy. To use them over and over again in the future
development of
your hole in my hands.

We can look at what's available in the shops and pick the most
desirable ones,
bearing always in mind you capacity and also your future ability to
stretching. We will consider a couple of items, I suggest a plug and a
The plug will be usefull to fit inside you while you are taking a bath
(in my
presence) and so to stimulate your inner desire but also to enhance
stretching ability.

I hope you will feel comfortable enough to take a bath during our
session which
will be a very sensational exchange of body feelings. Of course you can
your time to flush and clear yourself in private, it maybe early for
you to do
this in my presence. Though I dont feel at all embaraced if you choose
to do
this while I am with you in the bathroom, sometime in the future.

But subsequently we can fill the bath and lay your body in to relax and

use the
toy to plug ur arse. You can keep it plugged in during your bath time
and so to
feel the stretching less while your arse is submerged in water. When we

fit the
plug inside you we will stimulate the veins of your arse and so the
rest of
your body will be excited. I will use this opportunity to massage your
and play with your nipples which will feel this enhanced stimulation.

I hope you are finding this description of things pleasant to read and
also feel
able to write back to me if any of this doesnt suit your desires or
to relax by doing it with me.

Sebastiane, I feel very close to your thoughts and feelings and so I am

able to
converse with you in such an open and frank manner.

I want to take your body, your desires, your feelings, your soul and
and drain them during an exchange of a very close connection with you.
this exchange of energy your whole body will be drained and revamped
into a
more relaxed, comfortable existence and happy to grab life afresh and
head on
with even more confidence, comfort and happiness.

Let me show you the way, walk by my side and enjoy the so many things
that I
have to offer during our exchange of energy.


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