Wed, 7 Nov 2007 11:12:10 +0000 : My adorable man

Hello my dearest Sebastian,

I have read your message and fire shoot up my spine with the thought of
getting enjoyment out of my writting and gaining strength on the
knowledge that
I am out there for you constantly, whenever you need me to be with you.

My presence in your life it is indeed real and protective of your
actions, your
thoughts and your emotions. Strong, realistic, genuine and caring to
that you are well and trully confident on anything you do out there.

Turn back to me whenever you feel to talk to someone, to share a
thought, a fear
or consern, I am not here only to shoot excitement via your body and
desire but also to support and strengthen your entity in life. Share
light and
dark thoughts, share desires no matter how sensual or deep dark they
can be.
Ask me to do anything that you feel ready to receive, ask me to try
you may want to experience.

Nothing will put me off, nothing will push me away. I am closer to you
waking moment and this relationship is growing in a healthy, secure and
discreet manner in order to prodect you from anything unwanted
experiences that can be damaging to your body, your soul, your
emotions, your

I have only one boundary between us, this is your safety and wellbeing.

The only
issue that I will consider against your wishes, is one that could
cause damage to your feelings, body or soul.

Anything else I will do for you to see you able to experience your
desires. Physically I will treat your body as mine, give you what you
desire in
the most caring and gentle manner. Emotionally equal consideration is
given to
my actions to ensure that you gain only strength and resiliance from my

and words to you.

Be prepared to answer my questions, which will evolve around your
feelings about
your body and its passion. Feel as if you are talking to your own self.

your desires fully, in depth and as descriptive as they can be. Ask me
what you
like, what you want to experience, how you dream yourself to be in
front of my
eyes. How you like my hands to approach you, my mouth to feel yours, my
to touch you, my whole body to embrace you.

Come closer to me and you are secure, safe, in sane and discreet

Stay close my darling.

As ever

Quoting Sebastiane Venables:

> my dearest
> have you received this?
> it was sent on Nov 1st....
> im sending it again anyway.
> love
> your seb
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> my dearest,
> as usual your letters are able to create a fire inside
> me.
> more than ever when I am alone, in my hotel room, with
> the possibility of fantisise in line with your words.
> the most exciting thing is to think of myself in a
> business meeting here when you wrote them, and seing
> myself in the hotel afterwords to perform them as an
> act only for you.
> you are here with me, when i come back in my room, as
> much as you are in me during my daily routine.
> I have touched you, i have felt you...
> as you are my true guardian, a real presence in my
> life, both virtual and physical.
> The bridge is crossed, we stand and watch it burns,
> we've passed the point of no return.
> I am yours
> seb

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