Fri 14 Dec 2007 10:12:11 : a morning chat

From: Ant0nis 13/dec/07 ?
my love, i tried to call your mobile today at least to speak with you but without luck so i left u a message; i hope u r well and had a pleasant succesfull day in london x
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 07:29
my beloved
i have some temperature and i'll stay home today.
london was quick and ok, i forgot mobile in car b4 leaving....
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:48
oh so sorry to hear; wished i could keep u in my arms and look after you untill you feel better; i just came back from heathrow airport where i went to drop off my parents for their flight to larnaca x
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:49
my love how r u? im home bit sick, got a cold
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:50
id lov 2 be in yr arms right now
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:51
i love u sooo much; am ok. last 3 weeks have been very intense for me as i had both parents here; dad had a major operation on the spine which was succesfull and they left this morning
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:52
i wished u stayed, but i understand how things are in the business; hope to make it to nice soon where we can spend at least a night there together x
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:53
i know, i realized u're busy. love u 2 sooo much
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:55
yeah but at the end of the story i missed the meeting as im home sick. we'll see 4 nice, seems the best option 4 next future, but im coming 2 london sometimes march 4 sure (which is very far away thou...).
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:56
i love you too my darling
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:57
march is wonderfull to wait for but i hope to meet u earlier x
To: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 09:58
From: ant0nis
14/Dec/07 10:00
back to work now and will be in touch; stay warm and i will send u love and affection all along x

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