Sat 14 Dec 2007 22:21:44 : from a chat in recon

ant0nis: what else has been happening to you this
weekend? i went to the british meuseum for some
couple of hours to have a look around and also did
some shopping at the meuseum shops
blith: i stayied home the all day, a bit of work, couple of
ant0nis: nice sometimes, just to do nothing, i missed
you darling
blith: yes, i like to have a day all by myself...miss u 2
ant0nis: hope u r feeling much better tomorrow; a
friend of mine is in genova for the weekend and he told
me that the weather is owfull there; what is milan like?
blith: cold as the north pole
ant0nis: stay home and warm; i cannot think of a better
think, apart of course to keep u in my arms by the fire
place and keep kissing u and fingering ur arsehole
blith: sounds like heaven
ant0nis: on earth my darling, it is our heaven on earth, i
could just sit next to u, make u raise ur body up and i
lose a finger inside u while we watch the film together
blith: i can feel it
ant0nis: deep but gentle, caring and smooth inside u
my love
blith: how much id like u to b here with me now
ant0nis: would you let me kiss you deep and wash your
hole over a long bath?
blith: u can do whatever u desire with my body, my love
blith: it is yours
ant0nis: my adorable darling, it is mine by heart and by
physical pleasure; what i like is your pleasure and i like
it only because it fulfills you
blith: i love u, my costas
ant0nis: i feel it, i enjoy it and it makes me so strong
and willing to wait for our special moment all the time it
has to
blith: soon, my love
ant0nis: i hope i prey i am anxiously waiting for the
moment that i can ravage the trousers from your body
only to cover it with my saliva and your arse with my
bodily warmth inner and outer
blith: im counting the days
ant0nis: i want to taste your arse again my darling, the
pure simple tasty u
blith: all yrs
ant0nis: i am going to log off now; have written my
cards and going to walk to the post box to post them; it
is cold outside but i need the fresh air; night night my
darling x

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