Fri, 9 Nov 2007 16:15:36 +0100 : my beloved

my dearest

today i am busy like hell as next week I have meetings every day from monday to thursday.
I am planning a very relaxing week end as well, some gym, home, maybe an exhibition.

I am not playing at all since our night together, kind of not interested in other since you entered my life.
of course I have also my partner, but that's a different story.
I playied a bit by myself, always pretending you were here in me, but about this you know it already.

I miss you too, my heart beats a bit faster everytime I see a message in my mailbox and I discover it's yours.
I am so excited to see you again next week, everytime I think about it either I am working or driving or whatsoever
my cock becomes immediately hard and the muscules of my asshole relaxes.......

it will be more than a reunion, more than another night together, more than a scheduled hot session; next friday night will be the time we will show ourselves how much we care for each other, the time when all the words we spent in our mails become reality.

I will not read mail until next monday, but i will thinking and dreaming of you all the time, as I am used to do since we met.

my heart, my soul and my body are yours.

I love you.
your sebastiane

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