Tue, 6 Nov 2007 10:22:03 +0100 : -10

My dearest
> finally the connection is re established, i was reaslly in pain not
> receiving any news neither being able to send you mine from ME.
> I haven't seen the new elizabeth yet, my partner went with some
> friends last sunday and she told me the same....
> I am back in milano but no rest at all, you can't imagine after 10
> days how many unattended business I found here to wait for me.
> Nice could be done maybe, I will be obviously on holidays with my
> partner but she has to come back at work on 2nd where I am on
> holidays until the January 7. maybe, maybe, I would love it of
> I am really counting the days to our next meeting, not only for the
> excitment of spending a night together but also just for the pleasure

> to see you again.
> What you want to do for the earlier afternoon in between my
> a tea at your place, the Barbican exhibition, toys shopping for the
> evening????
> I am open and at your disposal for everything my love.
> You are constantly in me these days, in my mind heart and soul as
> well as in my dreams.
> Have a nice day my love.
> your sebastiane

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